Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Winter Sheet

I've been shopping for a new turnout sheet for Lilly. She has her black one, but it isn't waterproof, it's a bit too small, and the way the front closes makes me want to set it on fire. After much shopping, I decided on the StormShield Euro Turnout from Schneiders. I wasn't sure about the Euro style, but I liked everything else about the sheet so I figured I'd give it a try. Lilly's medium weight blanket is from Schneiders too and I love it. I ordered it on Thursday and it came on Saturday morning... I couldn't believe it! Lilly couldn't wait to try it on and show you how perfectly it fits her!
Look how perfectly it fits me!
It's actually a smidge too big for her, but the 74" is usually too small... I just can't win. It's super adjustable, though, so the 74 would probably have worked in this case but I wasn't about to send it back. The Euro style fits her really well and I'm definitely happy with it. Usually her blankets rub on her withers, but because of how far up it sits on her neck, there should be no rubbing.

After playing dress-up, we went for a ride. She was excellent, and I think she's actually starting to get lazy! I've been dreaming of having a lazy pony for years, so it would be a dream come true for me. :) Because we've been practicing a nice slow jog so much, that's all she wants to do, and when I ask for a bit more speed, she tries to canter. It's been really nice! We worked on cantering a lot today because she does really well to the left, but when we canter to the right, she has a tough time maintaining herself and we end up doing a lot of circles. She has improved quite a bit, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

When we were doing our cool down, a red fox ran into the arena right behind Lilly and booked it into the pasture. As strange as it sounds, I've never had to ride one of Lilly's spooks... she's been afraid of things, and she's spooked in place at something that startled her, but she's never had a big spook during any of our rides. So lucky me, I was able to experience it today! When that fox ran behind her, she scooted forward, ran about 30 feet, and then did a 180 degree turn to see what in the world that thing was! She was standing in perfect "dog stretch" form just in case she needed to make a quick exit. Good to know she'll stop running!

I've decided to go ahead and have Lilly clipped for the winter. I think we're going to go with the low trace clip, but I wussed out and got the number of a lady that clips for one of the big show barns here. She's very reasonable, has professional quality clippers, and I figure it's probably the best thing to do for Lilly's first clip. Maybe I can get some pointers and then try it on my own next year.


  1. Looks awesome! Lemme know if you have any other comments on it! I was actually JUST looking at the same one for Moon (but in hunter-safe orange!).

  2. Thanks, SillyPony! :)

    Sand, it's an excellent sheet, especially for the price. They have some of the best sheets/blankets for the price. Lilly wore the heck out of her medium weight last year and it still looks brand new this year. Granted, she is SUPER easy on blankets, but they seem to hold up really well. I think it would fit Moon really well since he and Lilly have a similar body type (short, stocky, fairly prominent withers...). It's been too warm to wear it, but I'll let you know how the fit is after she's had it on a day or two. That's always the big test!

  3. They're well made and fit many horses - the one caution is that Melissa at Paradigm has said that they tend to lose their waterproofing faster than some other brands - and when you rewaterproof you have to use heavy-duty stuff and not the regular rewaterproofing sprays.

  4. AW, she looks so cute! I about laughed out loud at your set on fire comment, lol!

    Eep at the fox! Apparently you rode her spook well!!
    Cant wait to see how her clip looks!

  5. Nice!

    Funny...I was looking at a very similar blanket myself. I haven't quite made the plunge to start buying blankets yet though...kinda scared to spend money on the wrong ones I guess. I did read a note in one of the catalogs that when buying the European cut blankets to order one size smaller than normal because of their generous cut. I figured I would order Moon his size 78 and if it ended up being too big, I could use it on Frosty, who is a size 80. LOL...I guess having multiple horses has it's advantages sometimes.

  6. Ah yes, to clip or not to clip... blanket or no? I live in central NC, too!... well, maybe a bit northwest of central, actually. (Moved from MI where it is truly COLD). This will be my first winter with a horse and I have decided not to clip and that means my workouts on non-sunny days will have to be less active. I hope I made the right choice. I do have a cooling down blanket and a rain sheet. I will blog about that soon and show pics too... I got a stripy version for my buckskin. Your blanket looks like it fits really nicely - nice choice. I found it almost impossible to decide with all the different choices I had! And way to go sitting the "spook". It can be scary when they do that on the trial...

  7. So... um... did you set the old one on fire? Cause I could totally get into that (What? Me? A pyro? No!)

    Can't wait to see her all clipped, bet she'll look cute.

  8. Kate, good to know, thank you!!

    Britnie, I was wondering what the fox was doing running around in the middle of the day... hope he's not sick!

    Cowgirl, I guess I should have asked before I purchased! The front of the blanket is really adjustable, so the 74" would have fit. Maybe I won't regret it if I have to put a fleece sheet under it or something...

    Thanks, Terry! :)

    Margaret, I moved down here from Michigan too! I turned into a bit of a wimp where the weather is concerned and I wonder if that same thing happens to horses... once they acclimate it doesn't really matter where they are. Clipping and blanketing is definitely a personal choice and I think it depends a lot on the horse too. Hopefully this will work out just right for Lilly.

    Smazourek, don't I wish! The BO actually freaked out when I told her I was going to trash it, so it's still hanging on Lilly's stall... I'm still tempted, though. Wonder how quick it would go up? :)

  9. She looks lovely! Glad to hear you had such a nice ride, fox and all. Take lots of notes about the clip job - I've never clipped a horse, but I will probably want to next winter.

  10. Lilly looks very nice in her new blankie! Getting the "right one" that fits your horse is always such a challenge - almost as bad as buying jeans for yourself, lol!