Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Busy Month and Shifting to Plan B

It has been a crazy week, and it's not even over yet! I've had so much to do to prepare for Christmas that it has eaten up my whole week! I'm having Christmas with my family in Michigan next week, and then when I get back I have to prepare for Christmas number two, and then finally the real thing comes on the 25th. When I'm not doing Christmas things, I'm doing wedding related things, and then I wonder why I never get to ride during the month of December... it's just so busy!

Speaking of riding, I haven't ridden my horse since the show. That's sad... the time I could have ridden, I was having that shoulder issue (which is all better now!), and now that I'm feeling better I just don't have enough time during the day.

I've been out to the barn pretty frequently, though. Her highness expects love and carrots on a regular basis, so I'm always going out to check on her, hug her, feed her, put blankets on, and that sort of thing. She finally lost her other hoof cast, but she seems just fine without it in the pasture. She ran to see me today and I didn't notice any signs of soreness at all. My trimmer and I have decided to try the glue-on EasyBoots next time because I really didn't like the casts. Despite the epic fail JenJ had with her experience, I'm willing to give it a try. We'll probably plan on trying those the first of February.

Since I can't find the time to ride, I've decided to switch over to plan B, which is round pen work. It is just as beneficial and it takes less time since I don't need to saddle her. The riding ring has been pretty wet lately because of all the rain and there have been a few days I couldn't get in there anyway, so we'll just forget about it for now and work in the round pen. I'm still exploring her stifle issues, so the round pen work will also enable me to watch how she travels and hopefully I can see what I've been feeling.

I changed Lilly's supplements again too... she used to only get a vitamin supplement because she's not getting anything other than hay, but I think now that the grass is pretty much gone, she's having tummy troubles, which is causing the diarrhea. She was a mess today and has been fairly messy since before our show. The probiotics weren't helping, so after asking around and chatting with my vet, I'm going to try a product called Pro Balance. I've tried digestive supplements in the past with no luck, but I'm willing to give this a try. I'm also going to speak with the BO about giving her more hay to eat. She's not getting grain or beet pulp like the other horses, so I think she should be fed more hay. We'll see if the BO agrees. My vet also recommended that I start Lilly on MSM. She's getting "older" and with everything going on with her, it might be beneficial. SmartPak has a pellet, which in Lilly's world is a must, so I added that as well.

I sure hope it helps!


  1. I sure hope the ProBalance helps Lilly's poor tummy! As for Lilly getting "older", pffft. ;)

  2. Just keep her moving and happy, I don't think she'll care if she gets December off :)

  3. Sucks so bad the diareah is back! I was hoping that was licked. Anyway, hope the new supp. work! And Yeah on the wedding! Hope all your Christmas' go well!

  4. Jen, I don't consider 11 old either, but what else do I have to spend my money on? It's not like I'm planning a wedding or anything. :)

    Smazourek, I'm sure she won't care in the least, especially if she keeps getting visits and carrots without having to lift a hoof!

    Britnie, I was hoping it was done too... actually, even AJ is a bit runny right now. My parents just put him on Probios, so it seems to be going around with my horses! :(

  5. How long are you going to leave the glue-ons on? I know that a lot of endurance riders don't actually leave them on for more than a couple weeks.

  6. Funder, I hope we can go more than 2 weeks with them, but we'll see how they do. I'm just trying to make her comfortable for periods of time to get her walking on her heels. The casts wore off too quickly on the soles, so they were pretty worthless less than 2 weeks after we put them on. I was hoping to get a few more weeks out of the glue-ons, or at least a bit more support for her soles.

  7. I thought about emailing you, but I'm going to post a comment in the hopes of getting some other points of view...

    Karen Chaton (one of the most successful endurance riders) doesn't like leaving glue-on boots on her horses for long periods. Here's her post on it:
    Her horses have the best hooves I've ever seen. She's done 50s bare, fwiw :)

    I know that trimming, glueing, and casting are all expensive, and I know that booting every day is out of the question! It's a tough situation.

    I'll keep poking around on the Easycare site too - I think I've read something about long-term gluing there too, but I can't find it right away.

  8. Hm, very interesting article! She makes some good points, and now I've got more to think about. I wish Lilly could wear her boots every day, because that would be such an easy solution. Since we can't, I can't seem to find a good alternative that accomplishes what I'm trying to do. Glue-ons might not be a good alternative either.

    My trimmer also suggested Equi-Thane Super Fast "shoes", but I can't seem to find a whole lot of information out there about that to know if it's a good solution.

    Thanks for the information! :)

  9. What's your trimming frequency right now?

    The casting thing seems to help and it doesn't look *that* hard to apply - could you apply it yourself every 10 days or whatever?

  10. I could certainly do it on my own, and my BO used to put the casts on her pony and has offered to help, so that's an option. The problem I have with the casts is that they wore off on her soles rather quickly, but stuck to the hoof walls like nobody's business. So I don't know how I could re-apply them when I needed to because I'm not sure how to get them off the rest of her hoof. Maybe I could just apply them to the lower portion of her hoof...

    Also, I noticed some stress lines on her hooves that I think are from the casts, although maybe we put them on too tight? I'm not sure, but I'm not overly impressed with their performance.

  11. Oh yeah, and we've been doing every 6 weeks for the trims.