Friday, December 30, 2011

A Happy Pony

Because of the unhappy horse I had with my friend's western saddle the other day, I guess Lilly is still having some issues with saddle fit. She hasn't shown any discomfort with the hunt seat saddle, so I'm thrilled about that, but the western saddle search might turn into quite an adventure.

During today's ride I had my friend ride Lilly a bit so I could watch how she's moving and how the saddle looks on her back. The back of the saddle was rising up off her back a bit when she posted so I think I'm going to remove the extra wide gullet and replace it with the wide and see how the saddle looks then. I only used the extra wide because she was still showing some discomfort and I thought it was because it still wasn't quite wide enough. It might be a tad too wide now, though. I also got Lilly a gel half pad to try and cushion her back a smidge more.

The arena is still really wet and I didn't feel safe cantering, but the walking and trotting we did was outstanding. I rode her both with the half pad and without, and when she was wearing it she was extra lazy. Without it, she was a bit more forward... I'm not sure what that means, but there was a distinct difference.

She is being such a good girl these days... just a happy girl, happy to do whatever I ask, and without fuss. She is also getting the hang of rating her speed at the trot/jog and I often have a difficult time getting her to move out. I'm loving every minute of it!

After our ride, my friend and I let our horses stand together and they were like two lovebirds. Her horse, Music, was grooming Lilly and giving her kisses and she looked to be in heaven. I think she misses having a buddy in her pasture but none of the boys at the farm can control themselves around her and things get wild. She has to be happy with friends over the fence for now.

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  1. Lilly has been such a good girl. I hope Santa kept that in mind this year and left her a big sack of carrots.