Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Have My Horse Back!

The Lilly I know and love is back!

I wasn't able to ride for long before it started pouring rain, but I got in a really good ride while the weather was cooperative. It was overcast, WINDY, and it kept sprinkling on and off before the rain poured down on us. Lilly was really good even with the wind we were having today, but she's not one to get spooky on windy days.

Here's Lilly before our ride... she wanted to show off the saddle pad my BO got us for Christmas. It's black and has her name written on it in gold letters. :)

She's so stylish!
It's bigger than my other pads, but I really like the way it fits... and it matches Lilly's boots too!

As I mentioned, our ride went really well. I had to undo some of the damage I did on Sunday by asking for a lot of trot, stop, back, trot exercises. She had a bit of a hair trigger today and I wasn't able to steer with my legs like I usually do. She kept assuming I wanted her to trot. After a bit of effort, she was back to being really light and responsive. We had some excellent moments at the jog and she's really learning to keep a level headset. It's getting to the point where all I have to do is pick up slightly on the reins and she puts her head down. I've been riding with her d-ring, so I think she's feeling the reins on her neck more than she is in her mouth. She's such a smart pony!

I have the blessing from my vet to continue to work Lilly as we normally would until she can do the exam on Saturday. She said, as always, just be mindful if anything new happens or something starts to get worse. So we worked some canter circles in both directions and I started her to the right, which is her "bad" way. She was excellent. For the most part, she stayed relatively balanced, found a nice rhythm, and all I had to do was keep her on the circle. As the rain started pouring down on us she got a little upset and started going faster, so I worked her in one more circle, asking her to slow down and relax, and then we headed for the safety of the barn.

Since my ride was cut short, I decided it was a good time to clean and oil my tack. Speaking of tack, I want to get a western saddle in the worst kind of way. Alex and I are going shopping on Tuesday, so maybe I'll be able to find something that will work... even if it's just a used saddle to ride in for now. I can always upgrade later on down the road. I just need it to fit!

I've got my eye on one I found on eBay, but I'm afraid to share the link for fear that someone will come in and ninja the saddle. So more details on that will follow if the saddle happens to become mine. I'm still keeping some other saddles in mind as well. There are just TOO MANY different kinds!


  1. I'm glad she was her normal non-spastic self.

    I can't wait to go saddle shopping, I think it will be fun!

  2. I LOVE that saddle pad, cute and stylish but personal :) perfect.

  3. Very cute pad! Very cute Lilly:)

  4. Oh good, you got your focus back. Glad to hear that starting her to the right helped. One session is not a diagnosis, but keeping fingers crossed that it is a good indication of something that can be corrected with conditioning...whatever the outcome of the x-rays and ultrasounds are.

    Lilly looks very stylish in her new pad and she is starting to look quite fit.

  5. Shes gotten wooly! Love it, and the new pad! Def let us know how your saddle shopping goes!

  6. You have an award at my blog!

  7. Two Awards in 1 day!!!!

    You have an award at my blog!