Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hoof Pictures

Look what I got you for Valentine's Day... hoof pictures! You're welcome!

Right Front Hoof:

Left Front Hoof:

It's always interesting to see how her hooves wear from one trim to another. It looks like she wears more on the medial side than the lateral side, and this is something I'll take into consideration before I trim her on Sunday (with guidance... woohoo!). I'm also intrigued by the change in her bars... they've really "popped out" since her last trim. Keep in mind, I've been riding her without the boots for a good 2 weeks now, so I'm not sure if that's having an impact on what I'm seeing here or not. Her soles look more concave these days too and her frogs have been shedding quite a bit.

We've had a dry spell lately, so her hooves look quite a bit different when they're dry than they do when they're waterlogged.

I took my new Hoofjack to the barn to practice with Lilly. You may recall what a bad pony she was when my trimmer was out to help me trim. We had to get after her a bit so she'd stand with her hoof on the stand, so I wanted to have a few days to practice with the stand before going to the clinic. Wouldn't you know, she was an angel today. I left her hoof on the stand for quite some time and even banged on it like I was actually doing something and I thought she might fall asleep. Let's hope she's like that on Sunday too!


  1. I urge you to take a closer look at your heel shots. Specifically the hairline. Also, her bars are too long, they are starting to bend over. If they're popping out after you ride, that's a good thing. That means any impaction is starting to come out. Trim them back and ride her again.

    Have fun at the clinic this weekend!

  2. It will be very interesting to hear what they say at the clinic about Lilly.

  3. Smaz, what are you seeing specifically with the heel shots? I think what you're getting at is how crooked her pasterns are? I really need to post a couple pictures of her from the front at more of a distance, and the same from behind.

    Terry, I'm definitely looking forward to it!