Friday, February 10, 2012

Much Needed Haircut

I went to the barn today with the intention of riding, but when I got there, the groom JenJ hired for me was there trying to figure out what to do with Lilly's mop...

Exhibit A from yesterday:

Sad, neglected pony...
Okay, so she didn't really hire me a groom, but she said Lilly looks neglected, and it's true. Poor Lilly...

So instead of riding, I spent some time trying to trim up her mane. It's super thick up at the top of her neck, and she has that darn cowlick right in the middle of her neck, so making it look nice when it's short is tough without banding. I still think I might try the Nair method to see if I can remove little pieces of mane without having to yank it out. It needs a good bath before that can happen, though.

So here's what I ended up with when I was done:

I love a short mane... it really shows off her pretty neck!
Not bad, right? By tomorrow it'll be sticking straight up and look more like a mohawk, but it's better than having it long and scruffy.

Next I got out the clippers and worked on her bridle path and the area around her ears. She always get "super fuzz" around her forelock too, so I removed that as well. Goat hairs were removed from under her face, so was the permanently stained yak hair around her fetlocks, and the whiskers around her chin. She looks like a new mare!!

By the way, I have a pair of Wahl Stable Pro clippers that an ex-boyfriend got me for my 16th birthday. I'll be celebrating number 32 this year, so these clippers have been around for a while! Each new year I figure will be the year they die and I have to have a memorial service, but they just keep on trucking. I won't know what to do when they finally stop working.


  1. Nice job! I agree, she looks great with a short mane. I think my clippers are a similar age to yours. Why replace what's working?

  2. You did a great job of pulling her mane :)!! She looks so adorable.

  3. Gosh, you have a really good groom! Can you send her over my way? I've got three really neglected-looking horses, none of whom have seen a pair of clippers in... er... ahem.

  4. You... But.... it was really starting to come in nice! You CUT HER MANE OFF?!

    :wails and runs away:

  5. Lilly looks very nice. She always does!

  6. Story, I'm going to use them until they die, but I won't know what to replace them with... another set of Stable Pro's?

    Thanks, Ruffles!! :)

    Jen, did the groom show up yet? She should have been there to work on your horses! LOL

    Funder, LOL! Let me know if you need me to come work on Dixie!!

    Thank you, Terry! :)