Thursday, March 8, 2012

Countdown to Showtime! (And a Video)

The weather forecast for Saturday looks quite lovely. They're calling for bright sunshine and a high of 57 degrees, with a zero percent chance of rain. That means we'll be going to our first show of 2012!

It's a fun show, so I won't really be "showing", but we're heading up to get in some riding time away from the barn. I'm really looking forward to it and might even dabble in a few non-traditional classes. :)

I'm thinking about doing a trail class, but I want to see what the pattern is going to be before I commit to that. I also might find myself signing up for cloverleaf barrels! That's right, Lilly and I might "run" barrels on Saturday! Ok, we're really just going to use the class to practice our figure eights, lead changes, and get her in the arena all by herself, but I might see if she can "get it" on the way home!

Other than that, we're going to enter four western classes. The first two are walk/jog only, but the following two are GAYP (go as you please), and while everyone else will be jogging, I'm thinking about loping in at least one of them. I want to see how she'll do with her leads and the only way to do that is to lope!

With any luck my friend will be tagging along and I'll bribe her into taking pictures for me. We won't be dressed up in fancy show clothes, but hopefully we'll look really good out there!

In other news, I got my loping video edited and decided to go ahead and post it. It's a bit long, and quiet, but hopefully you enjoy it. :)

Here's a direct link to the video just in case you can't watch it embedded:


  1. Lookin' good, good luck to you guys and your show!! I'll be waiting for the results!

  2. Lilly is so cute. :) You guys looked good!

  3. Y'all both look great! I can't wait to hear about the show this weekend!

  4. Yay! Very nice! Have a blast at the show. Sounds like the weather will be perfect.

  5. 1. Your outdoor is HUGE!!!! :O SOOO jealous! (largely because we've only an indoor, and if we HAD an outdoor, it'd be covered in 3 feet of snow...your weather even looks amazing!)

    2. Best of luck at the show! You and Lilly look fantastic in the video and I'm yet again jealous of that lovely canter! You sure you don't want to travel up to Canada and teach that to Mr. Moon??? ; )

    3. Can't wait to see show pics!

  6. Good luck at the show!

    She looks great in the loping video. Relaxed and sound!

  7. Looks good! Good luck at the show and can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  8. Have a great time tomorrow!!!!

  9. Can't wait for the (victorious??) update!