Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Like A Puzzle

Today I tried putting together the pieces... trying to get control of Lilly's feet, all while keeping her soft. The feet part of the equation seems to be the easiest to achieve because Lilly is fighting quite a bit where the soft is concerned. It's quite unusual for me to have more control over her feet than anything else. Even though it's another challenge, it's more proof that we're making progress!

We had an okay ride today. We worked on soft for quite some time, both at the jog and the lope because she's been wanting to stick her nose out a bit at the jog. We've made so much progress that I feel it's okay to be a bit more picky than normal, and really ask her to start doing things well, but also doing them correctly.

We've been having some really nice weather lately, and Lilly is still covered in goat hair and not shedding nearly as much as her fellow barn buddies. On a "normal" riding day, she's sweaty when we're done riding, but she sweats a lot less than she does on days when we're really working on something specific. I expect that from her, but I look forward to the day when asking for finesse doesn't upset her quite so much.

I took another video of myself so I could go back and watch our ride. I ended up recording the whole thing, so there's quite a bit of video to go through, but it was helpful to be able to watch what she does when I ask her for the lead change, or what it feels like when she's really fighting the soft. Some of it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, and other parts had me cringing a little bit.

Even though I was riding her in the snaffle, she was really going to town on the bit. She doesn't do much chomping these days, but she was really upset. After working on it for quite a while, I didn't feel like we made a lot of progress, but it felt like we had come to a good stopping point, so we moved on to cavalettis and ground poles, which is a bit less taxing for her brain.

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