Monday, March 26, 2012

Riding Again!

I finally got to ride my horse today! We've still been getting quite a bit of rain, but in between storms it's been fairly sunny and warm. The BO got in the arena yesterday and dragged it, so I was determined to ride in there today. The footing wasn't great, but it was tolerable and we were able to work on basic stuff. I'm hoping it'll be better tomorrow and we can really get back to work.

The arena is sort of coming apart at the seams, though. On the higher side, it stays fairly dry and the footing is great, but in the lower end, the sand seems to be washing away and the footing (which is nothing but clay) is coming through. There are spots in the arena that I don't feel are necessarily safe because when Lilly walks through there, she sinks down about 3 inches. I've been inquiring about it, and there are supposedly some plans in the works to address some of the issues, but I wasn't seeing any progress being made.

So like I sometimes do, I started looking for other boarding situations. I found a barn that has an indoor arena so I set up an appointment to go check it out over the weekend. I wasn't super impressed by the facilities, but they have everything I'd need, and even though it's a bit farther to drive, the price is about $100 cheaper than where I'm at now. And did I mention they have an indoor? I don't really want to move, but having a horse at a barn that keeps me from riding isn't something I'm thrilled with. The indoor arena is super tempting, even if I just move there for a couple months until things dry up and my current place can get the arena worked on. So Sunday I talked to the BO about it and hinted that I might have to move Lilly out to a barn where I can ride more consistently. That evening they dragged the arena and I see some arena related things on the barn to-do list.

I'm still pondering the move... Lilly is so happy where we are now that I'm afraid to shake things up and leave, but having a horse I can't ride because of facilities is not cool. I've had my fill of being unable to ride, and now that I have a horse I can ride, I really want to!

Our ride today went really well. I'm happy to say that even after not being on Lilly's back for 8 whole days, we picked up right where we left off. I was really proud of how she worked. Regarding fitness, she struggled a bit at the lope and switched her right lead on me a couple times, but each time she switched herself back. She was trying really hard and it felt good to be riding again. It sure would have been nice to show on Saturday... but we have more time to get ready for the next show and I think we'll do really well, especially in the western classes!

After our ride, I took Lilly outside to let her eat some grass. We ended up in the corner where two of the pastures meet, and both pastures belong to geldings. Because one of the horses left on Sunday, and another is being stabled somewhere else for now (because of the arena), there are only 2 other pastured horses, and they each have their own pasture.

The bay, Jack, is missing his buddy and had been following us all morning. The black, Quill, is pastured next to Lilly and clearly thinks she belongs to him. Anytime Jack came near the fence to be close to Lilly, Quill chased him away. As you can see from the pictures, we were pretty far from both horses, but that didn't stop Quill from trying to keep poor Jack from hanging out with Lilly.

"Are they fighting over me?!"
"This is getting ridiculous..."
Lilly tends to like dark horses, so Quill is definitely her man, even though I think right now she's not very particular. On a normal day, though, she loves Quill. They whinny to each other and run clear across their pastures to get to each other.

After I turned Lilly out, Quill ran all the way over to the gate so he could greet her and give her kisses.

She makes funny faces when the boys kiss her.
Aren't they sweet?
I must say, she has good taste as Quill was named Horse of the Year twice before he suffered an injury and was forced to retire. He's a beautiful mover... they'd make pretty babies, although I think he would crush her. :)

In other news, the other show circuit I emailed about joining PAC is going to send in their information to become a PAC approved show! I'm so excited that they agreed because now there are four different shows in the area who will be approved. Now that I know who is approved and who isn't, I can finally comb through all the show dates and choose which shows I want to attend. It's going to be a good year!


  1. Hello, I just started following your blog and look forward to reading about you and your paint mare. I also have a paint mare and do English/hunter jumper. I have a few PAC points but traveling to PAC approved shows in my area is hard. I hope to one day go to paint worlds.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! I hope to make it to a bunch of shows this year, so with any luck there will be plenty to read about. :)

  2. Hah, told you she'd survive a week off! ;) So glad she was trying hard and moving good for you. I hope they fix your arena - slick clay sounds awful.

    Can't wait to hear the pros and cons of the prospective barn, even if you don't move.

    Quill has good taste!

  3. What a good girl! That is so great that you can get on her and ride after 8 days and it's like she never had time off! I can do that with Brandy, but Fritzy does better with consistent work. That is exciting about the PAC shows, the more the better!!

  4. Yeah for riding! Glad her time off didn't bother her much. Quill sure is a pretty boy, I agree she has good taste!

  5. OMGosh- aren't they cute together!

    I'm just pleased as punch that your girl is doing so well with her new feet!

  6. Lilly's weight is looking really good.
    Yes, it's hard without an indoor. I understand.