Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12 Years Already?

Twelve years ago on this very day, a super sweet, super adorable little filly was welcomed into the world. I met this little filly about a month later when I was shopping for a barrel horse. She followed me all over the pasture and was the sweetest, most wonderful horse I had ever met. I couldn't get enough of her and it seemed she didn't want to leave my side either.

I asked the farm owner if the little filly was for sale and he said, "Honey, everything is for sale." He wanted $900 for her and I could put a 50% deposit down if I wanted to make sure she didn't end up with someone else. I wrote a check that day and exactly three months and two days later I paid off the balance and took my baby girl home.

She was SO cute!! (And still is...)
I can't believe that all happened TWELVE years ago... where does time go? I'm blessed to have such a special horse in my life and I am thankful every day that she is mine.

Happy birthday, Lilly!!

The birthday girl!
The birthday girl's "cupcake"... Nicker Doodles and peppermints.
I decided to give Lilly the day off, so instead of riding, I worked on her back a bit. She was feeling much better after some stretches and massage techniques I got from the Equine Massage book I received for my birthday last year. Lilly gave me lots of licking and chewing in response to a few of the techniques, especially those involving her tail, so she was a happy girl when we were done.

When we were finished with the massages, I took a couple birthday conformation shots and then let her snack on grass. I think she's looking quite fit these days, especially compared to past conformation shots.

Do you see that color?! *drool
She was getting bored with me...
While she was eating grass, Jack had to come over to the fence to visit. He loves her, and every time I take her past him to the arena he follows us there, and then follows us back. When I take her back into the barn, he runs and runs along the fence.

I love you and shall give you birthday kisses!
Mmmm... you're so tasty!
Shortly after the lick, he bit her, she screamed at him, and then dragged me to another patch of grass. That's no way to treat a lady on her birthday!!

I love this face. :)
Here's to many more wonderful years!


  1. So amazing that you've been together all this time! Happiest Birthday to Lilly! And her color is most definitely drool worthy! Look at those dapples! She really looks great.

  2. Happy birthday!! I love that you've known her her whole life <3

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet Lilly! I love her baby picture - what a cutie!

  4. Happy Birthday Lilly, and she looks awesome!

    1. Happy Birthday Lilly! She is so lucky to have you for a mum for her whole life. And that baby picture... d'awwww!

  5. Aww happy birthday Lilly! You were and are still super cute!! Makes me wish I had some baby photos of my Milo...

  6. Happy Birthday Lilly! You're looking beautiful, just as you did as a filly!

  7. HOW FLIPPING CUTE WAS SHE?! Love it! And I am with you, her color is to die for! What a sweet mommy to make her a 'cake'!

  8. Hahahaha look at that baby butt! She looks quite nice in her conformation shots this time, and yes, I LOVE her summer color!

  9. Happy Birthday Lilly!! She was so stinkin' cute as a baby!! And yes she is the most beautiful color! She looks awesome!

  10. Thanks everyone! I have passed all your birthday wishes on to Lilly and she is humbled by all the love. (and me too!) :)

  11. Happy Birthday, Lilly! I envy your relationship with her. I love the idea of raising a baby but I will never have the courage to try. But I do wonder; if I'd met Junebug as a baby would I have known, like you did, that we belonged together?

    Happy 12 Years! By the way, the traditional 12th anniversary gift is silk or fine linen.... who needs a new show outfit!!!! ;)

    1. Starting with Lilly as a filly was so much fun. Luckily she was really easy, so that most definitely helped. I think when it comes time to do it all over again, I'll do it the same way and start with a foal.

      I still need a certain someone to sew one for me!! LOL

  12. Wow! I found you! I was browsing an article online and saw a cute pic of a paint mare, so I clicked on it and sure enough it was Lilly!

    I hope you all are doing well. Happy Birthday to Lilly :)

    Scott and I have moved to Wilmington. I am horseless for the first time since I was 16 years old, but I am still getting to ride a little bit.

    I really enjoyed the short time we shared showing together. I hope we cross paths again some day. Look me up if you are coming this way. Phone's still the same.

    Take care,

    1. It's good to hear from you! Mike and I visit Wilmington every so often and we love it there... how nice that you get to LIVE there! The next time we're down that way I'll hit you up and stop by. :)