Monday, April 16, 2012

It's That Time

Instead of riding, Lilly and I spent some quality time together. I busted out the clippers and worked on her clip job since she was starting to get a mohawk. I haven't touched her with the clippers since last month when I thought we were going to a show, so she was getting a bit shaggy.

She's still getting a little bit sunburned and the flies are horrible, so it was time to get out the fly sheet. I was hoping it made it through the winter okay and that I didn't miss a giant hole when I packed it up in the storage bin. It's definitely going to work but I think this might be its last year. Lilly is super easy on blankets and sheets, so it's had a pretty easy life, but I've had it for about 3 fly seasons and this season will be number 4. I really want to get her one with a belly band for next year and I'm hoping I can get a really good deal when all the fly stuff goes on clearance.

It still looks pretty good!
After I turned her back out, she followed me around until I scratched her belly. She'll get super close to me, sometimes bumping into me, in an attempt to get me to scratch her belly. It's horrible manners, I know, but I find it amusing, endearing, and just the cutest thing ever. Sometimes it's her back, and sometimes it's her butt cheeks, but mostly it's her belly. She'd stand there all day if I'd keep scratching.

Getting her belly scratched makes her sleepy...
I'm watching this weekend's weather closely... the show that was cancelled last month was rescheduled for this coming Saturday. Well, it wasn't really rescheduled because this Saturday's show was already on the schedule, but it's a double points show to make up for last month. I really want to go, but I work Saturdays this month so I need everyone to do a rain dance for Saturday so they have to reschedule it for Sunday. Dance everyone, dance!!

Assuming that show goes on as planned Saturday, our next show will be on the 29th. It's a weekend show so I'll be able to head up there on Sunday and show. It's being held up at the fairgrounds, which is always a nice place to show. They have an indoor arena, so it runs rain or shine. The class list is pretty strange, though, because they run the western and english classes at the same time. For example, class 43 will be western pleasure and class 44 will be english pleasure, so there's no showing both english and western at these shows. I haven't decided what seat I want to show yet... probably western because I'm dying to take her in some western classes. I can't wait for our first big show!


  1. <"Just throw your hands up in the air...">
    Insert shimmy-shake-arm wave...

    You'd better be appreciating this dancing ; )

  2. I'll dance for you, but dance for the rain to move to late Sunday for me so it DOESNT rain Sat in AL! lol (we have had a backpacking trip planned for a month for this Sat) Glad her fly sheet is lookin good still! Maybe it will last the summer and then you can buy a new one on clearance later in the year for '13

  3. What a sweetie :) Fingers crossed for your show!!