Saturday, April 28, 2012

Loping At Mach Speed!

It was cold, overcast, and windy today but I was dying to take Lilly for a ride. I've been taking it easy with her the past couple rides because I knew she wasn't quite up to snuff and we were getting ready to do her Adequan shots. With the show being tomorrow, I wanted to get her out and take her for a real ride.

During our warm up I could tell she was going to be a little more forward than normal. She was being slightly spooky and jumped a couple times when she heard a noise or when birds flew out of the weeds (really?)... one of the spooks was pretty big and I had to hold on for dear life. Luckily when she spooks, she scoots and then stops on her own, but she nearly left me in the dirt. It left quite an impressive hole in the arena sand... LOL

Okay, so we have a lot of energy today!

When we started working on the jog she seemed to settle into the work and if she works like that for me tomorrow, I think we'll do really well. I've ridden her in the dreaded mullen mouth bit the last few times and she seems to be doing really well with it, so that's what I'm going to use tomorrow.

When I moved on to the lope, we ran into some problems... I started her off to the right (her bad way) and her transition was lovely and I was able to get her collecting fairly well. I ride her a bit differently in this direction because she needs more help picking up her lead and holding it all together, but I was quite happy with how she was doing. Excited by her performance, I turned her to lope in the other direction. The transition was nice, but when I let the reins loose, she started to ZOOM! On her left lead, I can usually let her lope on her own without having to mess with her too much... occasionally I'll have to ask her to slow down but I'm always impressed with how well she's been loping to the left. This whole zooming thing is new! So I checked her back to an acceptable speed, and then let the reins loose... she started to ZOOM! Checked her again, reins loose, ZOOM!

After playing the game for a while, I channelled my inner Alex. She always says "forward is okay as long as she's being obedient." She was listening to everything I asked her to do, she just wanted to do it really quickly! So I decided to use her energy and make her work. We loped and loped and loped some more... did circle after circle... lead change after lead change... lope, stop, back exercises over and over again, (her stops were to die for by the way... with all that energy she really tucks that hind end!) and there was no sign of her slowing down. The interesting thing about it, was that even at mach speeds, she felt really good! She was collected and round, and she even ran around with her head down. We might have been able to pass as reiners!

After my abs started to burn, I decided to call it a day. I rode her to the left like I ride her to the right (shorter rein and a constant request to slow and collect) so we could practice an appropriate lope, and then we spent some time cooling off and doing some pole work.

So my question is, is this what Adequan does to ponies??!! Or maybe it's just the weather? Either way, I'm glad she was feeling fantastic, but I need her to tone it down just a bit for tomorrow! :)


  1. Best of Luck tomorrow!!!! Or as the dancers say: Merde!!!

  2. Channeling inner Alex huh? LOL

    Sounds like she was feeling good and with the weather decided to get all that pent up energy out.

    Can't wait to hear how the show goes tomorrow!!

  3. Glad she got that out of her system before the show!
    Looking forward to the show post...

  4. I hope she got all the zoomies out today and will be an angel for you tomorrow. Good luck!

  5. Oh that's wonderful! I bet she feels a lot better from the Adequan. Fingers crossed for you today!!