Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Still A Bit Sore

It makes me so happy that Lilly comes to me in the pasture... sure I bring her a treat when I go to get her, but there were many days (many years ago) where she would run to the corner of the pasture when she saw me coming. Now she prefers me over spring grass. :)

"Hi mom!"
She is officially sunburn free, and we might be in the clear as far as future burns. I'm starting to see her summer coat, and more and more of her winter coat sheds out each day. That spring coat is so DARK... I love it!

I used my high-fangled camcorder to record our ride today, but because of proprietary software that isn't intuitive at all, I've got nothing to post. Once I get everything figured out and assembled, I'll post another video. I caught some interesting moments today.

I took a tape measure with me today and set up two hunter hack jumps. From what I can tell online, we'll be jumping two 18" cross rails, spaced approximately 60' apart. I set them up on a diagonal in the arena to give us as much room as possible and then we attempted to jump them. I'll tell that story when I have the video done.

The rest of the ride went ok. We make progress every day with our loping and transitions, but she seemed a little on edge today for some reason. It was really windy, but she didn't want to focus on me like I wanted her to. Actually, she was doing really well until we tried the jumps and then I kind of lost her after that. She's also been doing some counter bending to the outside and I think I'm going to have to switch her back to the loose ring snaffle for a few rides so we can do some work on bending.

Her back is still a tiny bit sore, so that might have something to do with the counter bending issues. The soreness just started about a week ago, and she shows it only when I run my fingers down each side of her spine and get to right about here:

The ouchy spot...
When I hit that one spot, she sinks her back ever so slightly... I'm not sure why she's sore, but I'll have my vet take a look at her when she comes to the barn again. Last time Lilly was sore, all we needed to do was give her a small spinal adjustment and she was good to go.

Some other possible issues I'm considering is that she's due for a trim, which I started on today and will hopefully finish up tomorrow. I was also thinking that her back might possibly be sore because of the stiffness I've been seeing in her hocks. Most back pain is either caused from some sort of limb pain or poor saddle fit, and the sore spot seems to be too far down her back to be saddle related. I think we're good to go in the saddle department, so that leaves hooves, hocks, and perhaps being goofy in the pasture and making herself sore that way. She's been on the Cosequin for two months but I haven't seen a difference in her at all. I removed it from this month's SmartPak and I'm going to ask about the Adequan shots instead. She's boycotting her feed anyway, so there's no telling if she's really getting any of the Cosequin.

She hasn't been ridden since last Wednesday, so she's had some time to rest, but perhaps tomorrow I'll give her a nice liniment bath and see if that helps.


  1. Good news on the sunburn, for sure! Hope her back feels better just as quickly.

  2. Poor Lilly, it's tough to have a spot out on your back! And uh, not to say anything that would offend Lilly's delicate sensibilities, but perhaps a grazing muzzle might be in order, for a few hours a day? She's got to watch that girlish figure, you know... and a few pounds extra on the hips can be rough on the whole body, especially if there's jumping involved.

    I would definitely try the Adequan. Then you don't even have to worry if she's eating her feed or not! It might help her back out too.

    Can't wait to see the vids!