Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fly Sheets!

I went to check on Lilly yesterday and found her missing yet another belly strap from her flysheet. The few thoughts I had about sewing it back together have now gone (it's time to let it go...) and I went hunting online for a new one.

After having the current sheet since early May 2009, I decided the next sheet would have a few different features, along with a few favorites:
Belly band - Lilly has some hair whorls on her tummy and the gnats love to chew on her skin
Shoulder gusssets - She's a bit wide in the shoulders and the gusseted sheets seem to fit better
Tail flap - Keeps those darn bugs out of her tail and helps keep her from rubbing
UV Protection - The sheet is just as much for sun block as it is for flies
Built in neck cover - No more shoulder burns
Soft material - None of that Textylene mesh stuff... it's too dang heavy.

She currently has a Rambo brand sheet that looks a lot like the Rambo Protector but mine didn't come with a neck cover. While I really like it, and love the fact that it lasted me over three fly seasons, it doesn't have the belly band, the shoulder gussets, or the built in neck cover.

Do you know that I couldn't find a sheet with all of the things on my wish list? Shocker, right? I found one that fit almost all the "must haves", but it only provided 60% UV protection. The UV protection is actually the item that I want most of all so I had to pass on that one.

Since I couldn't find the perfect sheet, I started narrowing them down and read as many reviews as I could find. In the end, it came down to the Rambo Protector and the Amigo Mio.

Rambo - $157.95 Amigo - $74.95

Since they're both made by Horseware Ireland, I feel they're good products, but I know the Amigo is the cheaper version of the Rambo (more than half the price). A few of the reviews said to forget the Amigo and splurge for the Rambo.

They both had their pros and cons...
Rambo - No attached hood, but it has the 3 belly straps which is as close to a belly band as I was going to get. I wasn't a huge fan of the way it buckles in the front, though.
Amigo - Considering the Mio is so much cheaper, and Lilly is super easy on blankets and sheets, I opted to go with that one. It has 95% UV protection, and while it doesn't have gussets or a belly band, it has an attached hood.

Please don't say you have an Amigo Mio and it's the worst sheet ever because I already hit the "check out" button for my order and you'll make me cry. It'll be here early next week and I hope it's the best sheet ever!


  1. If you were memorizing everything I write on my blog you'd remember this post:

    BUT your horse IS much kinder to clothing than mine. I'm still using mine and I assume it'll last though this year and maybe into next year, just had to get over the snags and tears and rusty hardware since with it he was hive-free for the first time and that's worth him looking like he's wearing a tablecloth from a horror film. ;)

    1. I forgot you had one of these for Junior! How many times do we have to buy the exact same thing for our horses before things get weird? LOL

      The fabric isn't very pretty is it? I really wanted to get the Kensington because it comes in a pretty green color, but I just didn't like the plastic-y material and it had no tail cover.

      A lot of the reviews complained about the sheet snagging, but I'm not worried about cosmetic stuff too much. My current sheet has snags and rusty buckles too, but as long as it holds up and keeps her from getting burned, I'm good. Hopefully I don't regret the purchase!

    2. Aside from the cosmetics it is a great sheet for the price. It washes nicely, too.

  2. I like Amigo products very much.
    I don't really like tail flaps on fly sheets. Last year Paj got his sheath bitten, and I think it was because the tail flap with the leg strap arrangement didn't let him use his tail to swat those bad guys on his sheath. This year I'm re-working the tail flap. Lily won't have that problem since she's a girl, lol!

    Did SmartPax send you an ad for Neigh-lox Advanced? It says "is particularly beneficial for horses with chronic or accute diarrhea". Don't know if it's any good, or if Lily is still having problems, but I thought I'd pass it along.

  3. I have an Amigo Mio and it's the best of the fly sheets that I have. Yes, it does snag, but it's super-soft, doesn't rub, has held up well, and it protects REALLY well. It doesn't have a belly band, but I have a Weatherbeeta with a belly band and it really doesn't work very well at all.

    Saga gives the Amigo two hooves up!