Monday, May 21, 2012

Hoof Pics! (It's Been A While)

I haven't done hoof pictures in a while. Not because I'm not working on my horse's hooves, but because I try to do a little bit at a time, so there's not much to photograph. Actually, I can only work on the hinds and the right front, because the left front just WILL NOT grow. It's giving me a headache because I'm not sure how to trim it. I haven't had a pair of professional eyes on her hooves since the clinic in February, so I tried to set up a time with my trimmer so she could come out and give me some pointers. We just haven't been able to sync up, so I went ahead and trimmed Lilly yesterday.

Her hinds were starting to flare and I noticed Lilly was standing a little odd behind, but once I got them trimmed up, she stood much more normal. I worked on her fronts also, and then did a bit more with them today. Looking at the pictures, I can see some areas I need to fix, but I'm curious if anyone has comments about the job I'm doing in general, or any pointers about how to trim a hoof that God put on your horse crooked.

A few observations I made... her hooves seem dry and slightly brittle. There were times where I was rasping and a little chunk of hoof came off the side. You can see that in the pictures of her right front hoof (I need to go back and touch up her medial side)... also, I think it's time for a pair of nippers. I rasped for what seemed like four hours on each hind hoof to get them where I thought they looked good, and I probably could have taken them down even more. Did you know that a testy, recently dislocated rib and rasping do not go well together? It's true!

We'll start with the right hoof because that's the one I actually enjoy trimming. It looks mostly normal! Does it look like her toes are getting long again? I can see she's a bit jammed up in her quarters, but I took the heels down as far as I dare, and I feel like I kept the hoof flat and level... I also rolled her toe a bit after these pictures were taken, so it looks more like the shot of her left front. So here's what I have!

And now for her left front hoof... this thing is the bane of my existence. You can see the little area of missing quarter on the lateral side of the hoof in the side shot, and I have circled it here on this sole shot. It has been there FOREVER. When will it grow?? She is literally walking around on sole because there's pretty much no hoof wall there.

I hate you red circled spot!!
It's killing me because the medial side of the hoof grows, but I guess she's wearing on the lateral side? So her hoof stays totally wonky and lopsided unless I take down the medial side more than I want to. Also, her sole is super bumpy so I've been using the hoof knife to level it out a bit and try to get rid of the high spots that might cause her some discomfort.

I think her hind hooves turned out pretty good, although I see a bit of flare I missed. They're a bit dirty looking, so I'm sorry about that. It's kind of hard to see the hoof wall... she had a lot of bar that was just folding over, so I hacked all that off. Overall, I'm happy with them. I think her frogs looks great!

Right hind

Left hind
I used my Hoof Jack a lot and it was a life saver, especially with her hinds. I used it to help me rasp off a lot of the flare and it was much easier than doing it from the bottom. Did I mention that I need a pair of nippers? Any suggestions on what to buy?

In other news, Lilly told me today she wants a new fly sheet. Somehow she managed to rip the middle strap of hers... I wonder if she did it getting up after rolling? Maybe she stepped on it and tore it right off.

She's ashamed of what she's done...
I could probably sew it back together, but it is starting to get thin and this is a good excuse to get a new one. Time to start shopping! Oh, and yesterday was her last dose of Adequan, so we're done with that, thank goodness. Now if I can only find the time to ride (and a dry arena) to test out the new transmission!


  1. How do you all grow frogs like that?! Dee has the crappiest frogs ever and she's barefoot on firm ground. I'm having serious frog envy lol.

  2. Man her feet look awesome!

    I'm no expert, but my guess from the way she's standing and the way the LF is growing... it's wearing the way SHE needs it to wear. Yeah ok, it's funky and a little lopsided, but not awful, and she's moving straight and comfortably. It might be best to leave it well enough alone!

    As for fly sheets, I highly recommend the Amigo with the built-in neck. It's worn well and been a lifesaver for Saga!

    1. Thank you!

      I think they look really good too... and she's a happy girl, so we're doing something right for a change! :) Her hoof is attached to her leg crooked, so she's definitely wearing it funny, but like you said, I guess she's wearing it how she needs to. I just wish I could get a little bit of hoof wall on that side!

      Do you have the Rambo Protector or the Fly Buster? Lilly has a Rambo now and it took me forever to get one that fit. She wears a 75 sheet but I had to get an 80, so I had to go way big to get it to fit. Did you have any fit issues with yours? The neck cover is definitely on my "must have" list this time. I was hoping for a belly band too, but I can't really find any of those I like.

  3. My opinions:

    1) Get a new rasp

    2) Bars: they are too long and there's a high point on each of them before they taper down towards the frog. Those are uncomfortable.

    3) On that left fore: she's shearing the heels and I think she's doing it because of the bars. Look at your heel shots again and compare the hairlines. Notice how one is longer? Take that down until it matches the shorter side and then really go after those bars.

  4. Yes, new rasp. When it feels like I've been rasping forever and my arms are burning and I just can't get anything off - THAT'S the point when I get a new rasp. Probably wouldn't hurt to switch earlier, but I just never notice til all of a sudden it's not working for me at all.

    Still too spacey and sick to say anything useful about her hooves. But wow, she does have phenomenal frogs :)

  5. LOL. When we set out to buy a horse, my BFF wanted a palomino gelding and I wanted a pleasure horse, gelding preferred, color a surprise. We got a sorrel mare with a blaze. Not even a coronet band, just brown as the day is long. At least she is pleasure-ish.

    We would have went home with a Palomino gelding with a shredded ear if it was up to me, but my friend didn't care for the ear and thought he would top out too short. I was sad, the 15 hand range is perfect for me. He was nicely put together and I really could have cared less about the ear or his pally color. I mostly really liked his temperament but we did a pretty good job with the silly red mare.

    The next "horse" I'm getting is a mule. That's all I know. I will look at them in any color, pattern or shape except cremello, perlino, any of the champagne varieties or dun. Yuck. Funnily, I like buckskin and palomino. I can sometimes be swayed by horses with the aforementioned colors, so I can't say I would never buy one! I do have my preferences, but it's easier to know what colors I absolutely dislike, than to have my heart set on something in a color I may never find.

    Lilly is a wonderful example of a horse with pretty colors that's a keeper. I would have loved a palomino paint. ;)