Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miscellaneous Updates

Lilly is still without a fly sheet, but it should be here today. It drives me crazy to know she's standing in the sun without protection, but I'm sure she would prefer that to being in the stall for days at a time. Her old sheet is missing two of the surcingle straps and I don't think it's safe to put it on her knowing the other strap could go at any time. So dousing her with fly spray and hoping she gets in her shed every so often is the best I can do to calm my OCD.

She's naked!!!
She got a new fly mask too. I couldn't help myself and had it embroidered with her name. I think it's the cutest thing ever (and now no one will "unknowingly" use my fly mask on some other horse).

She's so cute!
In other news, I dewormed Lilly with Equimax back on Friday when I did the chalk test with her hooves. JenJ and I had been discussing our horses' digestive issues and she mentioned that her vet suggested tapeworms as a possible reason for Cash's on and off chronic diarrhea. It got me thinking, and I did some research. It seems Equimax, Zimectrin Gold, and Quest Plus are the only three dewormers on the market with Praziquantel, which kills tapeworms. I know Lilly has never had Equimax, and if she's ever had Quest Plus, it's been a really long time. I know she's had Zimectrin Gold, but it's been a long time for that as well. The barns I've boarded at over the past couple years have done their own deworming programs, so I've been kept out of the loop other than "you owe $10 extra this month for dewormer". Lilly was due this month for a dewormer, so I bought her a tube of Equimax to see if it makes a difference for her digestive system. So far, I haven't seen any runny manure or poo streaks down her legs, but the diarrhea comes and goes so much that I'm not getting excited about it just yet.

She also started her U-Gard pellets this morning, which is a bit stinky because now there are two things that changed around the same time, so it might complicate the diarrhea/tapeworm experiment. There's not much I can do about it now, though!


  1. I've never thought of putting a fly sheet on Oberon... He has that darker undertone and doesn't seem to get sunburnt and he does go in the shed (sometimes). Hmm... and a flymask... maybe I should do that. But he never seems bothered too much. I keep him sprayed with expensive fly spray... but I'm not sure how much good that does. Lilly's white skin probably gets sunburnt, though.

    1. She's definitely high maintenance in the spring and summer months. The fly mask is just as much for her eye allergies as it is for flies, and her fly sheet is just as much for sunburn as it is for flies and to keep her from getting really faded. So they're all multi-purpose and she really needs both to stay comfortable.

  2. Cashel fly masks are the BEST! And her name embroidered on hers is so cute. :)

    Fingers crossed that the Equimax does the trick. No more runny poo!

  3. Tapeworm problems in horses do seem to be on the rise...or so they are reporting. Hopefully one or the other helps get Lily's diarrhea under control.

    Love the monogram on the new fly mask. So cute you got her name embroidered on it.

  4. Lilly looks adorable in her fly mask! Hope your fly sheet arrives soon so she's no longer naked. Gotta protect the pretty girl!!