Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not For Sale

R Lil Bit of Cash
15H 2000 Palomino Tobiano Mare
APHA #00574292

Ground ties too!
Lilly is an all around mare with PAC points in halter, showmanship, english pleasure, equitation, and walk/trot. APHA points in showmanship. Currently working on western pleasure and making progress at the jog, but her lope needs work. She tends to be quite forward. Is extremely sensitive and prefers a very soft rider. She can be a bit passive aggressive at times and will gladly take over if you're not being a good leader. Generally a horse who aims to please and is very forgiving of her rider. Is too smart for her own good and enjoys anticipating your next move.

She is a no-nonsense kind of mare who doesn't appreciate shenanigans or roughhousing. Use a mounting block, mount properly with a saddle, or don't get on. Attempting to jump on her back will not end well. She isn't one to play with toys and doesn't enjoy games of any kind. Is super friendly, sweet, not mouthy, and comes to you in the pasture.

Has had ligament injuries in the past requiring expensive treatments and months of stall rest, but currently 100% sound. She is also barefoot and transitioning well.

An absolute dream when it comes to ground manners. She clips, bathes, blankets, stands for the vet, barefoot trimmer, fly spray, and anything else you need to do with her. Absolutely no vices of any kind. She self loads but needs work backing out of the trailer. She is a very clean mare, preferring to stay white to being covered in mud. Keeps a tidy stall, is great in the stall, although prefers to be out 24/7.

She has occasionally been seen on the trails where she prefers to be in the front. Excellent with puddles, streams, ponds, and other "natural" obstacles but not as thrilled with ridiculous man-made obstacles. Quickly becomes attached to other horses when in stressful situations, especially other mares.

Easily the horse of your dreams, except she's not for sale.


  1. You're going to have a hard time not selling her with an ad like that lol. She really is a super neat horse, isn't she?

    I'm loving these NOT FOR SALE posts. They are such fun little summaries of who these horses are.

  2. I love it!!! If I did a not for sale ad for Brandy I would probably laugh because if she was really for sale, I doubt she would sell with all of her issues! But I love her issues, and I love her and that is also why she is not for sale, ever!!!! The same goes for my filly Chance, definitely NEVER for sale!!
    Don't you love those not for sale horses? Gotta love them!! We are pretty lucky to have these not for sale horses in our lives!!

  3. Haha-That's awesome!

    I would hate to have to write a 'not for sale' ad for Moon. Ugghhh! LOL

  4. *like*

    You're making me want to do a post like this!