Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can't Win

I'm sorry about the lack of posts... it's just that I don't have anything very exciting to share. The temperatures have been so crazy hot the last week or so, that riding is just not something on my to-do list. I suppose Lilly and I could tough it out, but why? She's sweating just standing still, so it doesn't feel fair to take her to the arena and make her work in the hot sun. Maybe if we were training for the Olympics or something...

We finally got a break from the hot temperatures yesterday, and it's supposed to stay in the 80's all week, but the break in heat comes only because we're getting a bunch of rain. Rain means a sloppy arena, so even though I thought about riding today, the arena was way too soggy.

So instead of going for a ride, Lilly got a nice, warm bath to wash off all the icky that was left over from the heat. She was quite crusty and her skin screamed for some moisture. She slept through the entire bath, so I'm not sure how much she enjoyed the curry massage, but at least she's back to her sparkling self and her tail is snarl free.

I hope everyone else is getting in some good rides. Hopefully I'll be posting some of my own soon!


  1. Was just thinking about you today! Glad to hear all is well, except for the heat, believe me I feel ya! We are loving this 80 weather now though! And the rain, our pastures were drying out soo bad.

  2. No horsey news? You can always tell us about wedding prep - that must be so much fun!