Friday, August 17, 2012

Cough, cough...

After another busy week, I was able to ride Lilly this morning. I could tell she was really excited to go for a ride because she promptly fell asleep in the cross ties while I was grooming and tacking up. :)

I set up the camcorder in the arena and took some video. It died about 18 minutes into my ride because I think it got too hot, so it's mostly video of warm-up and a little bit of the good stuff. Because the software I have to use is from the stone age, it'll take me a while to get it processed and edited, but perhaps I'll have some video proof that Lilly actually does look western!

She was a bit of a booger today. I don't know where her brain was, but I'm pretty sure she left it in the pasture. She just didn't want to stay round and wasn't really as willing to do what I asked as she normally is. She wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but she wasn't her normal, wonderful self.

I did notice that she was coughing quite a bit. She's not one to cough when we start exercising, so this is new and slightly alarming because of how often she coughed during our ride. The arena is really dry and dusty, but we've been in that dusty arena many, many times. One of the boarders told me she's heard Lilly coughing a bit in the pasture too.  She seems totally normal otherwise, well, other than her runny eyes, which happens every year around this time, so I'm wondering if her summer allergies are just a bit worse than normal. Perhaps that's why her performance today wasn't up to snuff.

One other update, and I hate to even say it because next time I go to the barn she'll be a mess, but she hasn't had any serious issues with diarrhea in the past few weeks. Actually, I think it's been more like a month or two since we we've had any major problems, and while she always has drips here and there, it's nice to see that her hind end isn't coated in manure. Nothing has changed since I started giving her the U-Gard pellets, so maybe they've had enough time to work and soothe any issues she had going on in her digestive tract. Whatever it is, I'll take it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Allergy season just struck with a vengeance over here so I wouldn't be surprised if that's what's bothering Lilly too. The horses all seem to have the itchies and Dee has a bit of a respiratory thing going on too. All this summer heat is not helping!

  2. My Paint coughs off and on throughout the summer too. I think she has allergies as well. Brandy is allergic to cedar shavings, so I use white pine shavings, but if I ever put her in cedar she would get the worst cough.
    Hopefully Lilly just has allergies and will be fine!! That's also great that her diarrhea seems to have cleared up!! Yeah for that!!

  3. Great news on her diarrhea!
    Hope her cough clears up soon.

  4. Lilly is lovely-I have been longing for a palomino paint!