Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hoof Pics and Updates

My trimmer came out Friday to trim Lilly. I've been trimming her up until this point, but I wanted her to come out and take a look at my work and point out anything I might need to change or do different. Her visiting Lilly also worked out since I've been noticing a bit of discomfort in Lilly's right front hoof, so I wanted her to check things out.

She said I was doing a good job with Lilly's hooves overall. There were some things she pointed out that I needed to work on, but they were all things I would have done during my own trim, so I felt very good about how I've been doing things. (What a relief!)

When I told her what I was seeing with that right front (see this post), she said she didn't think it was the trim, and we haven't seen rain in weeks, so we don't think it's related to her diet. She said she's seen quite a few abscesses lately and we even found a spot on Lilly's hoof where an abscess had blown. So it's possible she has some discomfort from that, or perhaps she has another one brewing. She said Lilly still has really thin soles, so it could be just as simple as the sand is packing in her hooves and putting pressure on her soles and it still hurts her. We also found a tiny bit of thrush in her frog, so that could have been causing discomfort as well. Rebecca was able to trim out the thrush and I've been treating it with the ACV for the past couple days, and I do believe it's gone.

Here are some pictures I took this morning (so 2 days post trim). Her hooves just are NOT growing at all, so her trim was mostly to clean up the hoof wall, shape things up a bit, and remove some flare. The peace of mind for me was definitely worth it, though.

Left Front
(Sorry for the blur... not sure what happened with this one)

Right Front

I think overall her right front is much more correct and "prettier", which is why it boggles my mind that she's the most sore on that one. With the wonkiness of that left front, and the way it wears, it seems like she'd be having issues with that hoof. Horses never make things easy.

Her right front has always been taller than her left front as well, so I've been working on that, trying to get them more level. The first picture is from after the clinic we went to in February, and the second picture is from today.

Not much of a difference... you might also notice that she still has that crack in her left front toe. Rebecca dug out the dirt and gunk from inside the crack/hole and cleaned it up a bit with her rasp. I'm also treating it with the ACV. Sure would be nice if she GREW SOME HOOF!

Which leads me to my next point... hoof supplements. JenJ was kind enough to email me about a product she's been using on her barefoot horse, Saga. Saga also had super thin soles (5-6mm like Lilly) and since having him on this particular supplement, his soles have thickened dramatically. It's called BioFlax 20 and even though it's a powder (Lilly hates powder supplements), it's cheap enough to try. I've wasted more on less!! I'll see if I can get the BO to add some water to her breakfast to make the powder stick, and hopefully she'll like it. If I can't get her to eat it, I'll switch over to the Farrier's Formula, which was suggested by my trimmer. I hope I have good luck with the BioFlax 20!

"Why are you on the floor doing weird things with my feets?"
My trimmer and I also decided it was time for Lilly to graduate into a pair of Renegades. Hopefully I will hate them less than the Trails and I can just start riding her in those. I'm sure it'll be night and day for her in the arena without having the sand packing into her soles.

They come in all sorts of cool colors... and do you know how hard it was for me NOT to buy the hunter green? Hunter green is Lilly's color! In the end, though, I decided to go with these:

Renegade "Black Knight"
Boring black. Boring, boring, boring. Have I mentioned how boring black is? I figure it's the appropriate color for her to wear in the show ring, though. We'll stand out enough as it is with boots on. I don't need the judge's eye being drawn to the gorgeous hunter green boots on her hooves.

Anyway, I should have them by Thursday. My trimmer ordered them so we could have them made special for my very special girl. We ordered the cutback option (10mm) because Lilly has shorter hooves, and I also got them with the padding option. It's a 5mm pour-in pad they install at the factory. Pads without having to cut and replace them constantly sounded like heaven to me. Hopefully Rebecca will be able to make it out again on Friday to help me fit them.

Anyone need a pair of EasyBoot Trails, size 2? They're in really good condition!


  1. I will be very interested to hear how the new boots work for you.

  2. Hooveses- they are a mystery. I can't wait to see how the Renegades work out for you, I've been wondering about them myself.