Monday, November 26, 2012

Nice Weather!

We had beautiful weather today... sunny and in the mid 60's! It doesn't look like we'll be so lucky tomorrow, so I had to take advantage of it today.

Lilly is still a bit tender on her right front hoof, so we enjoyed a nice, leisurely ride in the arena. We did a lot of jogging and worked on some nice, large circles, but nothing too strenuous. I'm anxious to get the new Renegade boots so she doesn't take a short step every time she steps on a rock out there. It's hard to get anything of substance going when we're constantly interrupted by stones.

We did some loping circles as well, but I kept her down in the softest area of the arena. I've been letting her lope on a loose rein, provided she doesn't start running around all crazy. I want her to learn to carry herself without me constantly holding her together, so I figured now that we're pretty much starting from scratch again with her workouts, it's a good time to experiment with it. She's a bit quicker to the right, but holds her rear lead well, and is slower on the left, but loses her lead every so often. Rather than breaking down to a walk, though, she'll take a trot step and then go right back into the correct lead. So I feel like we're making progress there.

Nothing too exciting going on... waiting on boots, and preparing for my vacation next week. I was chatting with one of the other boarders about body clipping, and she wants to clip her horse as well, so we might be looking into that when I get back. Her horse comes in the barn at night and she wishes there was another horse in there to keep him company, so if Lilly gets a clip, she'll need to come in at night too.

This is the same boarder I mentioned a few posts ago. I spoke with her today about bringing her gelding in when I ride Lilly and she told me not to worry about doing that anymore. I told her he was getting better and I didn't bring him in the last time and she said that was fine. She thinks it's good for him to run around out there and blow off some steam. Thank goodness for that!


  1. Hope those boots come soon for both of your sakes! & glad the gelding-issue got sorted out. I too am thinking about clipping Jingle for the winter, but he's never even seeeeeeen clippers, and i've never clipped a horse... so it should be an interesting experiment. I'm debating a trace clip, or just clip his neck... What are you thinking of doing with your girl?

    1. The boots should be here on Wednesday or Thursday, so pretty much just in time for me to head out on vacation. It'll be nice knowing they're waiting for me when I get back, though!

      I pretty much plan to clip the parts of her body where she sweats. So her neck, chest, tummy, and flanks, which I believe they call a low trace clip. Lilly is super good with clippers, but neither one of us has ever done a body clip. :)

  2. So glad it worked out with the boarder's gelding. That just makes life easier.