Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 In Review

January was a fairly busy month. I remember having mild weather and I was able to get in quite a bit of riding. Probably the biggest event of the month was a saddle purchase. It was the exact same saddle my friend rides Lilly in, so we knew it would actually fit her shoulders and I got it for a great price. It needed some work, but it was absolutely worth the trouble because I knew my saddle fitting nightmare was finally over! We also had a vet visit to determine if Lilly could possibly have UFP, Lilly got her teeth floated, and Alex came for a visit. What an exciting month!

It fits!!
February was a bit less exciting. I had some good rides and some not so good rides, and thankfully Alex came to my rescue (again). I don't have anyone around that I trust enough to ride Lilly, so it's always a blessing when Alex comes out. She understands Lilly and can give me pointers from the saddle. I usually need some tough love from her to get me and Lilly back on track. I also purchased a bunch of fun new toys to take to the trim clinic Lilly and I attended, and we did a lot of work in the round pen.

Getting a dose of that tough love...

Wow, 20 posts in March? That has to be some kind of record for me! Too bad they were all posts about nothing. I seriously rambled the entire month! Okay, so Alex came to visit, so that was a highlight, but I mostly just complained about bits, horse shows, and soggy arenas. We did go to a fun show, and Lilly was a pretty good girl. I was very happy with her attitude, even though she was still trying to anticipate the next move every time the speakers clicked on.

Being a good girl at the trailer.

April was a tough month for Lilly. She got a bad sunburn on her shoulders and neck, was vaccinated, had a reaction to her rabies vaccine, had a sore back, and was started on a series of Adequan injections. Lots of needles! Lilly also celebrated her 12th birthday and we went to a show up at the fairgrounds. I was disappointed in the horses I saw while we were there (we were walking and passed loping horses), but we tried to have fun anyway. April was also the month when Lilly finally shed out all her light colored winter coat and revealed that dark spring coat I love SO MUCH!


May was a really fun month because we managed to make it to three different shows! One was a CMHA show, one was a TWHA show, and one was a JCHSS show. We almost didn't make it to the CMHA show because one of my ribs had popped out of place a week or so before, and it was the WORST PAIN EVER. I wasn't sure if I should risk it, but in the end we hauled in anyway. We had three great shows, but Lilly was still being absolutely awful about anticipating. It seemed to be a theme for each show. It sucks because it isn't something I can work on at home, so I debated whether or not to blow my classes. Nevertheless, we earned quite a few PAC points this month and I purchased some pictures from one of the shows. Behold, my favorite picture of us so far!

Love this picture!

June was a boring month. I was having fits about the arena and contemplated switching barns again (even went and checked out a place), but in the end I decided to stay. June also seemed to kick off "Wedding Planning Season", so I'll warn you now that it only gets worse from here on out. We did manage to get in a few rides, but it was a pretty low key month.

After one of our bareback rides.

Don't say I didn't warn you... we had crazy hot temps in July and there wasn't a whole lot of riding happening this month. I did post some pictures of Lilly's hooves and enjoy looking at how much healthier they are since we pulled her shoes. At this point, she had been barefoot for just under a year. What a completely different horse I have now!


Since the wedding was only a month away, August was boring on the pony front. On the wedding front, though, things were hopping! I did make it home to see Boo Pony and had a wonderful visit with friends and family. Lilly felt extremely neglected, and unfortunately for her, it was only the beginning.

My sweet AJ.

One word: Wedding! Oh, and Lilly ripped her fly sheet to pieces.

Married to the love of my life.

Two words: Honeymoon and brand new house! (I guess that's five words...) I didn't write a single post in October. Shame on me! I had a wonderful time, though!

Our lovely new home!

Lilly and I got back into the swing of things a bit in November. My vet came to give vaccinations and freaked out at how pudgy my pony was, so we switched her feed and did a little rearranging with her supplements. I started riding her quite a bit, and was thrilled to report that she picked up where we left off so many months ago. She was having some issues with her right front hoof, though, and it was making it difficult to work her with any kind of consistency. I had my trimmer come out to make sure my trims weren't the cause of her issues and we decided that Lilly was ready for a pair of Renegade boots.

What a precious face!

December brought a new pair of Renegade boots, some gorgeous weather, and some wonderful rides on Lilly. I also made it home to Michigan to visit AJ. The show bug officially bit me this month and I am looking forward to 2013 and all it has in store for me and Lilly!

New Renegade boots!


  1. What a fun year you had! That photo of you and Lily from May is my favorite of the two of you!

  2. What a busy year! I also love Lilly after she sheds out. The darker shade is definitely drool worthy! Your new house is beautiful!! Looking forward to hearing all about your show season in 2013! Gosh darn, how does time go by so fast?

  3. Wishing your family much happiness and health in the New Year! (that picture from May is so wonderful!!)