Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So Much Rain!

Yesterday we had gorgeous weather... today, not so much. Tornado watches all day, with tons of pouring rain! The BO texted me this morning to let me know Lilly was in the barn, which I promptly thanked him for. It's still raining out there, so any chances of hopping in the saddle anytime soon are nothing but a dream at this point. Just as well, I suppose, as it seems the leather ties for my reins have gone missing. I cleaned them the other day and left them to dry before tying them back on my bit, and now they're MIA. I just don't know what to make of that... maybe the dogs found them to be a fun toy and pulled them out? Where does one get itty bitty leather ties for reins? I sure hope Google knows!

Lilly got a little bucket of gooey horsey cupcake things and a beautiful AP saddle pad from the BO for Christmas. It's clear she loves the cupcakes much more than the saddle pad but I guarantee the pad will last longer than those treats!

I think she's finally losing some weight too. She's been on the Enrich 32 now since November 6th, and with the exercise and possibly burning some of that pudge when the nights are colder, she is starting to look less pregnant. I've also cut out carrots and have been feeding her sugar free treats (yummy!). The cupcakes won't help with her diet, but once they're gone, she'll be back to icky treats. No difference in her hooves yet, but she hasn't been on the new supplement for very long.

Umm, let's see... what else can I ramble on about? Oh! I put some new pictures in the header and left them full color this time. A new look for the new year!

I hope everyone in the path of this storm stays safe and warm!


  1. LOVE the new header!! I know what you mean about the weather, crap, I'm not used to winter!! Been sleeting/snowing all day here. BLECH. Can't wait till we get nice weather again so I can bring my new 'toy' home! (Cisco, haha)

    Glad Lilly's diet is doing good!

  2. Stay safe, and PLEASE SEND RAIN!!! We are facing another drought over here... :(

  3. We've had the wettest fall on record here in Nova Scotia, so I understand all about rain :) Hope you and Lily are staying safe through the storms. I LOVE your banner / new pictures. Very nice.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you have a great one.

  4. I totally understand all the rain. That's all we get from October to June. No indoor arena means no riding. I am a fairweather rider. Don't do well in the rain at all. I hate it.
    Hopefully it will dry out and you can get back to riding miss Lilly!
    I also love the new header!! My sister is working on a new one for me, I need to update Chance's picture and add one of Rio. I am not good at the header stuff so I had to recruit my sister to do it for me!