Sunday, December 9, 2012

T-Shirt Weather!

I rode in a t-shirt today and I was wishing I had a tank top. 74 degrees in December? Yes, please!

This crazy weather does make it hard on the ponies, though. Lilly is clearly ready for cold weather and when the thermostat hits 70, she sweats almost instantly. I rode her lightly and I still had a sweaty horse to cool out when we were done. I'm not complaining, believe you me! I'll just need to get a new pair of clipper blades so I can do a little clipping to make her more comfortable if this weather wants to keep this up!

We're both still loving the new Renegade boots. I rasped her hooves a little bit today to clean up some of the jagged edges and make sure they fit properly in her boots. Maybe it's just because I'm a little nuts, but I swear her soles looked a bit more concave than they did last time I looked at them... is that possible? She hasn't even been started on her new supplement yet. Those will start being fed on Wednesday... AND, when I walked her back to her pasture, she walked across the stones like they were nothing. Again, not complaining! Just makes me scratch my head, that's all.

Anyway, we had a nice ride. She temporarily forgot her brain a couple times (the boys were all screaming for her today) but was easily reminded that she's not to scream back. We're in a really good place right now and I'm loving it. We have a bit she and I both like, she has a saddle that fits and doesn't cause her any issues, and we have tootsies that feel good and boots that work perfectly! I can tell she's happy every time I take her out for a ride. There's no cranky faces, no tail swishing, and no short steps. She jogged around the arena like a happy, healthy western pleasure pony. I loved it!

I hope eventually we'll be able to say that about her loping too. I'm sure we will, but she needs consistent work with transitions and staying soft. It'll take time to get her back into shape and then it's practice, practice, practice. We have made a lot of progress, though. She'll lope around on a loose rein, and while it would never win her a western pleasure class, it's great to be able to let her lope on her own and not have her end up at mach speeds within a few strides.

She seemed a bit stiff going clockwise today, especially at the lope, and she didn't want to bend in our circles. We do a lot of rail work and not a lot of circle work, so I guess it's time to start incorporating more lateral exercises and circles into our daily routine.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. It was in the negatives here this morning...

    Returning Dee to more serious work I've discovered some stiffness as well and warmup seems to take a lot more time. Maybe you can push some of that 70 weather this way! Although that might not be the kind of warmup I was thinking of lol.

  2. Yay! So glad the boots are working out so well.
    It's -6 right now.

  3. Yes please, push some warm weather towards me too!

  4. Wow I rode in my T-shirt too but it was only 5 degrees Celsius!

  5. I am so jealous of your warm December weather!! I won't see temps like that until maybe and it's a big maybe, June. Sigh.
    That's great about Lilly's feet and that you are happy with the boots!!