Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

I have high hopes for this coming year. I might be repeating myself over and over again, but I want to mention one last time how Lilly and I are in the best place we've been in a while. We have a saddle that fits, a bit we both like, hooves that don't hurt, and we're both ready for the best show season yet! To help keep myself motivated during those inevitable "down moments", I'm going to set some goals that really push the limits for us. Hopefully I'm not setting us up for a disappointing year, and hopefully we both stay happy and healthy! (Pray to the pony gods with me!)

So without further ado, here are our 2013 goals!

1. Take Lilly to a breed show. - I have a couple choices here. There are two Paint clubs in my general area, the Palmetto Paint Horse Club, and the Carolina Paint Horse Club. Neither of them are actually "close", and while I prefer the CPHC, sometimes the PPHC actually holds shows that are closer to me. Either one will suffice, I just need to pick the right weekend and start making plans.

2. Accumulate ten PAC points in showmanship. - A goal that is definitely attainable for us, if we manage to get out there to the different shows. The most difficult part about getting points in showmanship is that not very many people show in the class. In order to get one point, there have to be 3-5 people in the class and I have to place first. There are usually about 5 of us total, so unless we pull off a win, we go home without any points. That means we really have to hit the shows hard this year!

3. Obtain an APHA Certificate of Recognition in walk trot. We're at 17 points and we need 20, so I am sure this is something we'll be able to accomplish.

4. Apply for memberships with JCHSS, CMHA, and TWHA, and attend enough shows with each show series to qualify for year end awards. For each series, it's five shows. This one might be a bit tough, only because my work schedule dictates which shows I can attend, so I'll have to wait and see for sure when the show dates are scheduled, but I would love to make this a reality.

5. I'm planning to show mostly western this year, with a few english classes thrown in to help with year end awards, but I want to get at least three PAC points in western pleasure. Why only three, you ask? Most of the classes around here are walk trot or go as you please, which both count as walk trot. With the small number of actual western pleasure classes, and this really being our first year as a western team, I would be thrilled with three points.

I think if we can accomplish these goals, we will have an extremely successful show season. I can't wait to get it started!

Kicking off the new year!
Oh yeah, and I have one other goal that isn't really Lilly related, but more blog related. I want to try REALLY hard to post at least one picture on every blog post, even if it's an ugly iPhone picture of sweet, precious Lilly.


  1. Sounds like you'll be making up for last year! I look forward to daily pictures of Lilly...with blue ribbons!

  2. Hope you get to check every one of them off in Jan of 2014!

  3. Lily is gorgeous!! Good luck with your goals and i can't wait to continue reading you blog as you achieve them