Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review of 2012 Goals

My goals for 2012 were a little vague... I need to do a better job for 2013 so I'll know if I actually attained those goals!

Basic Goals for 2012

1. Hooves, hooves, hooves! I want to continue to work on Lilly's hooves and the thickness of her soles. X-rays will be in order again later in the year to see how much they've grown since the x-rays in 2011.
We didn't do any x-rays because I felt like it wouldn't really be worth our time. My trimmer said it was obvious that Lilly's soles were still quite thin, but I will say we made definite progress in the hoof department, even if we're not quite where we want to be. This barefoot thing is a process, for sure!

2. I want to stay consistent in my riding and work Lilly at a minimum of three days per week, although four is preferred.
Yeah, that didn't happen. Not even close! Although, we started out the first half of the year off to a great start, but I was just too busy with the wedding to be able to ride with any kind of consistency.

3. For those three and four day work weeks, I want to go into the arena with a plan.
This is what I mean by "our goals were vague". What kind of plan, exactly? I always had things to work on, but we didn't really have a schedule to follow.

4. I would love to take some lessons. This might not be the year to start having regular lessons because of wedding costs, but maybe I can take a lesson here and there. Ideally, I would prefer to take lessons on someone else's horse so I can get a better gauge of my riding skills.
I didn't take actual lessons last year, but I did work with Alex quite a bit, so I'd say this was a minor success.

5. I really want to get a western saddle.
Yay! We got our western saddle and we love it!

6. My main goal for 2012 is to keep Lilly healthy and happy! I want her to see a chiropractor early this year and also investigate the possible UFP. She's already lost some weight (had to use the next hole up on the girth!) and I think she's looking good!
Well, I think she's happy and healthy, although we never did see a chiropractor. The vet came out and evaluated her for UFP and we went with Adequan to help her be a little less stiff, so we were mostly successful!

Show Goals

If this was a normal year (i.e. not the year I get married!) I would probably set a few more show related goals for us to work toward. Because of time constraints and a need to save money for the wedding, the actual 2012 show season will be scaled down a bit.

1. I want to attend at least one show every other month.
That's a big, fat negative. We made it to quite a few the first half of the year, but we just ran out of time during the second half.

2. I'm hoping our show in July will be a Paint show.
Nope. Big bummer...

3. I hope to get at least five more showmanship points and three performance points.
We only got one showmanship point, but we got 8 performance points. 9 PAC points isn't bad, even if they weren't the ones I was hoping for!

I'm very excited about what 2013 holds! May it be a great year for all of us and our horses! :)

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