Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fly Sheet Update

Soooo... I might have to revise my "two thumbs up" review from yesterday because I'm not very happy with my fly sheet today. I went over to treat Lilly's hooves and found her sheet like this:

It has shifted just a bit.
And as if that wasn't enough to make me say GRRR, if you'll turn your attention to the red arrow in this picture, you'll see the other problem:

It looks even worse on this side!
Which is a quarter size hole that looks something like this:

Now, before I officially move one of my thumbs from the up position and rotate it to the down position, it's clear she rolled in it. I'm wondering if I had the belly band too tight, so when she twisted around while rolling, it shifted and couldn't readjust itself. I'm also wondering if one of the other horses could have grabbed it from over the fence and tugged on it. She was missing her fly mask this morning. I'm also wondering if the fly sheet came off last night and the barn owner slapped it on without taking much time to make it look pretty.

The hole, however, is not cool. Again, it could be from one of the other horses because they seemed to be quite interested in it yesterday. One of them could have grabbed it and yanked, causing the tear. I don't see how she could have done it in the pasture just from rolling, but perhaps.

These are all possible scenarios, so I'll withhold judgement until I'm able to gather more data. Either way, though, I'm a bit disappointed. Somehow I'll have to fix that hole...

In barn hunting news, I've chatted with a couple places and they all suck. Ok, maybe it's not that bad... No, it is! The problem is, I've done this SO MANY times before, that I pretty much know of every barn within a 40 mile radius of my house and they've all previously been crossed off my list for one reason or another. Either they're too far to drive, they're out of my price range, they don't have an arena, they're a shit hole, or I've already boarded there and left for one reason or another...

There's a place 5 minutes up the road that I would LOVE to board at, but the fences are falling down and the barn is dirty, dark, and falling apart. It used to be really nice, but it hasn't been taken care of. It's also right on a busy road and I've been warned to stay away. I looked at another place today that was really nice, but it would be a 30 minute drive. I'd do it, but 30 minutes is the maximum distance for me.

I'm so desperate that I put a wanted ad on Craigslist hoping to draw out the private barns that might not advertise. That's how you know it's bad!


  1. I use the belly band winter blankets and when my horses roll,they shift like that, although perhaps not quite that much. It may be because they are heavier. Also mine do not have the shoulder pleat so they are a little more form fitted. I'm guessing that something has assisted with that shift simply because of the hole. Their items seem to be pretty durable,but again I only have experience with the winter blankets.

  2. Thanks for the review. I've never tried that type of blanket - belly band I mean. I wondered what rolling would do. Bummer about the mystery hole!

  3. Eeek, that's rough with barn shopping. There are a lot in my area, but not a ton in the price range that I want to spend. Hope you find something!

  4. I think shifting is a common problem with belly band blankets. My winter one definitely likes to shift. The hole definitely sucks, though. I'd email them about the hole. You never know, they might help you out with it.

    Sounds like barn hunting around here. Mostly you find places that no sane person would leave their horse at, or you find great places that are way too far away. I tried boarding further from home and it just didn't work...I spent too much on gas and cut back on my riding too much. I hope you find something before too long.

  5. Ugh bad news in both departments :(