Sunday, April 21, 2013

Is It As Bad As I Think?

I found my pony in the pasture today with one of these:

It's pretty deep and she was a tiny bit lame when I walked her around on the concrete. If she happens to step on uneven ground or a rock with that hoof, she's really lame. I emailed my trimmer, but I guess there's not much I can do until her hoof grows out, but how worried should I be about dirt getting up in there and perhaps causing her to abscess or something? Should I wrap it up?

Pretty deep!
I have no idea how the heck she did it, but I have a feeling it's going to take a while to grow out. I'm also worried about the crack that's in the wall now too. :(

And as if that wasn't enough, my fly sheet was delayed because of the horrific events in Boston, so it won't get here until at least Wednesday, and sweet Lilly got a sunburn on her back. Pretty much right after she started shedding, she burned. She burned last year, but that was really the first time she burned. I'm not sure why she's suddenly so susceptible. Our weather is supposed to be pretty mild Monday and Tuesday, and then hopefully her sheet will come Wednesday. I hate to have her standing in a stall with this nice weather, but that might be what I'll have to do, at least for a couple days.

Oh, and her gorgeous spring coat is starting to come through!

Any ideas about what to do with her hoof??


  1. Yikes! That looks very similar to what Echo has - it looks like it's down to the laminae which is probably why she's sore.

    Honestly, Echo wasn't sound without shoes or hoof casts. I'd throw boots on her when she's out until it grows out. If your trimmer does hoof casts, then maybe have those put on.

    Poor Lilly! I hope she grows it out quickly and isn't too uncomfortable for very long.

  2. Ohh poor Lily and a sunburn too, holy cow! I would think some kind of adhesive for her foot so it won't split. Possibly padding the chunk and then duct taping around may help.

  3. I was thinking boots or duct tape too...