Sunday, September 1, 2013

Comparison Videos

The plan for Lilly after C left on Wednesday was to see how Lilly did with the new trim, check in with C in a week, and then go from there. She thought Lilly might be a little sore Thursday because of the way we trimmed her left front, but we were hoping the trim would make a difference and help her to feel more comfortable. She wanted to give her about a week to adjust to the new trim and see if it would make a difference. When I checked on her Thursday and Friday, she was doing quite well, and I let myself feel a little excited about what was happening. I posted the videos I took of her on Thursday in my last post, and while she wasn't traveling correctly, she wasn't as uncomfortable as she has been, and she certainly wasn't as lame as I have seen her before my trimmer came out.

It's been a roller coaster ride since this all started. One day she'll be really uncomfortable, even at the walk, and then the next day she's completely fine. The next day she'll be gimpy at the trot in the morning, but then the BM will see her out playing in her pasture looking quite sound. It seems that if she was sore or injured in some way, she'd always look sore and injured, but that's not the case.

I took a video of her yesterday jogging on the longe line, and she is clearly uncomfortable. I could barely keep her jogging long enough to take video and she wasn't willing to move out at all. They're all iPhone videos, by the way, so I know the quality isn't that great, but I wanted to post yesterday's to compare with the video I took on Thursday. When I checked on her today, she was back to jogging like she was on Thursday. I don't get it.

Here's the video from yesterday:

And to compare, here's the video from Thursday:

I have already spoken with my vet, and she's coming out next week, but we haven't ironed out the details yet. Of course it's a holiday weekend, so she said she'll get in touch with me on Tuesday to narrow down a date and time. My vet is also a chiropractor, so I'll be able to have Lilly checked out in that regard at the same time as well. Depending on what we find out and what she recommends, and what my trimmer recommends after hearing the update and info from my vet, I may haul out to the clinic. Too many unanswered questions right now to speculate too much, but I'll do whatever is necessary to get Lilly back to feeling like her old self.

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  1. Although she's moving more freely in the Thursday video - I see - and I might well be wrong - some short stridedness on the right front/left hind pair in both videos. Could be feet and could be something else - it's hard to tell with these things. Good luck in your search for a solution.