Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring Vet Visit

I'm still working on the show post from early April (such a busy month!), but maybe one day I'll be able to get that posted. Lilly and I have another show this Saturday, so I'll soon be extra behind!

So because of what my friend said at the show about Lilly being too skinny, I held off on using the muzzle. I wanted to wait until my vet came out so I could ask her opinion and see if she wanted to go ahead and muzzle anyway. Lilly is being worked more than usual and she is 16 now, so I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page.

My vet said that she thinks Lilly looks perfect. I inquired about being able to see her ribs a bit, and she said she'd scale her at about a 4.5, and it's the thinnest she thinks she's ever seen her, but because of her history and the fact that she's borderline metabolic, she'd rather see her on the lighter side of the scale anyway. It's better for her body and better for her hooves. She told me to tell my friend that unless she wants to pay for my vet and farrier bills when Lilly gets laminitis or founder, she should shush. (Well, she didn't say "shush", but you get the gist) She did inquire about her "shaggy" coat, but Lilly has always been a late shedder. The white hair sections shed out first, and then the palomino colored parts of her hang on for a bit longer.

She mentioned that I could supplement her feed with corn oil if I wanted to add a little bit of weight without having to worry, but I told her that wouldn't work because I have to pre-bag all of her food. She next suggested adding flax seed to her diet, but after doing some research, I think I'm going to pass on that as well. I checked into supplements, but they're all powder, and there's no way Lilly will eat them.

Teeth floating!
She received her regular vaccinations and needed her teeth floated, so we took care of all that. I also had a fecal done, which came back with zero eggs. I've become a huge proponent of fecal tests. It's so much better than giving dewormer just because, and you know exactly what kind of worms your horse has, so you can deworm appropriately. Now I can give her an ivermectin paste and know that she's good to go until the fall. The test is only $17, so it actually saves me money. I love it.

My trimmer was out yesterday too, and I told her what was said at the show and what my vet said about Lilly's weight, and she totally agrees with my vet. She was actually very upset that someone would say something like that to me, and she feels most horses today are obese and unhealthy. She's very happy with Lilly's weight, condition, coat, and hooves. She feels like we've finally "made it", and all my hard work has paid off. I tend to agree. FINALLY.

So it seems that everyone is on the same page, and Lilly will have to start wearing her muzzle. I've been putting in on her for a bit here and there, and she seems to be ok with it. I hope I don't have too many issues with it.

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