Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turnout Time!

Today was to be Lilly's first day on paddock turnout. There were a few things I wanted to do to the paddock before I turned her out so when I got to the barn I started working on picking up rocks and making sure everything was ready to go. Lilly could see me from the stall and she kept nickering and nickering. She's so sweet... :)

It was suggested that I ACE her before turning her out, but I figured she would be calm until it wore off and then she'd start acting up. I wanted to be there for the initial turnout and then hang around to keep an eye on her, and the ACE would only post-pone the inevitable. So I decided to just let her get it out of her system and go from there.

I took a video of her when I turned her loose and it was interesting to say the least! She went absolutely crazy! I'm working on editing the video, but in the meantime, enjoy a couple stills.

If I wasn't so worried about her tendon, the bucking would have been entertaining. I hope she got it all out of her system. I think she missed her calling as a saddle bronc, though... she would stand in one spot and buck and buck and buck. You'll see when I get the video edited.

She pretty much did what I expected her to do, which was run around like a possessed demon, and then calm down. She ran and played like this for about 5 minutes and then was ready to eat her hay.

Then, it was nap time. :)

She did injure her leg a bit when she was acting like a fool, but it wasn't bad at all. Her skin is looking a lot better and there is a lot less irritation and it wasn't puffy at all either after being wrapped all night. It's wrapped again, though, especially after the shenanigans.

When I decided it was safe to leave, I gave her a cookie and headed back up towards my truck. She didn't want me to leave and stayed in the corner watching me until she couldn't see me any more (or so she thought). Then she finally went back in the stall. This whole thing has really strengthened the bond we have. I do love that mare.

"Wait, don't go!"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The AJ Shuffle

I just got back from the auction. There were some REALLY nice horses there and a lot of them went for cheap. It seemed, however, that no one wanted yearlings, broodmares, or anything unbroke. Lots of no-sales there. And a SUPER nice filly went for $675... *drool Good thing I don't own my own farm. There were a lot of N/H horses there as well, and to my delight most of them didn't sell. Coincidence? Probably... I'm sure I'm giving people too much credit.

Prior to the sale, I went over to the barn to take care of my sweet, priceless, mare. She was happy to see me and was even happier when I gave her cookies. Her leg is less puffy, but still swollen. I'm hoping tomorrow the swelling will go down when she gets turned out in her new little paddock.

A new horse came to the barn today and as usual, my horse was shuffled to a new pasture. WHY IS IT ALWAYS HIM? He never gets a chance to really bond with anyone because he's always getting shuffled around. So now he's in a pasture with 2 other geldings who will no doubt beat him up and keep him from being part of their little group. You can pretty much put him in with anyone and he'll do just fine, which is probably why the barn owner just moves him around willy nilly.

When she turned him loose he went crazy! He started running around playing and had a great time. As usual, I had no camera. It always happens that way.

Tomorrow is the big day! Lilly will finally go from stall rest to small paddock turnout. She's going to love it! (I think...)

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Wrap Goes Back On

I was really hoping to be done with the wraps, but when I went to the barn today Lilly's leg was still really puffy. I put the Tri-Care on her irritated skin and then wrapped her leg back up.

She was still misbehaving in the arena today when we went for our walk. It was really windy, but that's no excuse. Neither is the 116 days she's been locked in a stall. :)

I'm going to an auction tomorrow... hopefully I won't come home with another horse. Like I could afford that. LOL

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few More Days

We have new hay! YAY! The hay guys were there today when I got to the barn. I filled Lilly's hay net with LOTS of fresh, green hay before I left.

The barn owner was there also and we talked about Lilly's new paddock. While I had wanted to move her today, she wanted to wait until the weekend because there were a few things she wanted to do in the paddock before we put Lilly in there. She wasn't expecting the good news yet! :) She didn't have time today, so the plan is to do it Sunday. I want to be able to spend a lot of time with Lilly to make sure she doesn't go crazy with her freedom and I have to work Saturday.

So down to the stall I went, and I guess THIS is what happens when you stop wrapping a leg that's been wrapped for 4 months:

You can see how irritated her skin is too, but the swelling did make it easy to put the salve on! A nice, big area! LOL

So just like the tendon vs wedge pad debate, do I wrap the leg for the swelling, or leave it unwrapped for the skin? ARRGGHH!!

My vet did say it might puff up like that and that I might have to wrap for 12 hours and unwrap for 12 hours. She wanted me to give it a day or two so I'm going to check up on it tomorrow and if she's still puffy I'll wrap it back up. Sorry skin...

Since she was going to be stalled for a few more days I put some more bedding in her stall. I tied her up outside to keep her out of the way.

"Hey you... Hurry up in there!"

She was a nightmare when I tried walking her in the arena. Every vehicle that passed by make her jump or hump up her back end. Such a difference between the road and the arena! We worked through it, though, and she was doing a little better by the end of the walk. She forgot how to act in the real world. :)

My vet also called about Lilly's x-rays... she said her hooves look great structurally. She had talked to my farrier before calling me and he reminded her how not so great they are on the outside. LOL But she thinks the wedge can come off without issue and the plan is to put on a leather pad with sole pack for the next six weeks and see how she is. 2 weeks after the farrier appointment my vet will come back out and take a look if she's still sore.

Here we go!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Results!

Oh boy... where to start? From the beginning, I guess.

When my vet arrived she wanted to see Lilly jog on the longe line. Before that, though, I wanted to show her Lilly's leg to see what she thought about the scabs and stuff. She said, "Looks like her skin is pissed from being wrapped for 4 months". So no more wrapping, and she wants me to keep some kind of salve on it (furacin, tri-care, etc) to sooth the skin.

Next we went out to the arena to jog her on the longe line. As it turned out, Lilly had other plans... lol She was really calm until she got some distance from me and I asked her to jog. She EXPLODED! Rears, bucks, kicks, hops, jumps, you name it. It was funny to watch her expression, though, because it was as if she forgot how to do all of those things. She would ball herself up, preparing to explode, but then stayed like that for a few seconds before doing one of the circus moves. If I wasn't so worried about her hurting herself it would have been comical!

So it was time to get some ACE...

While we waited for the ACE to work, I tried to show the vet how gimpy Lilly is when I turn her left. Lilly was too wound up, though, and wouldn't do the turn properly. So we left the soft arena and went to the hard road. Once on the road, she seemed to relax a bit (and I'm guessing the ACE was starting to work) and did the turn like I asked her to. The vet agreed that she was really quite ouchie on that foot. So she had me jog her down the road a bit, and she was only slightly off. After our road test we went back to the arena to try and longe her again. She was sound at the walk but longing her to the left at the jog wasn't good. She was very noticeably lame and my vet rated her at 3 out of 5 on the lameness scale. Not good... She seemed ok jogging to the right, however.

So back to the lean-to to do a hoof test on Lilly. She doesn't think the tendon would cause Lilly that much discomfort since she was sound only a week after the incident. She shouldn't have regressed to being lame again. So she was thinking she was having pain somewhere in her hoof but the hoof test was negative. There was an area she couldn't test because of the wedge, but Lilly showed no sign of being sore.

Next up was the ultrasound. She needed to clip Lilly's leg a bit, which Lilly did not like because of her skin, but she was a good girl. It actually looks better now that the scabs are off.

So the moment we've all been waiting for... how did her tendon look on the ultrasound?

In a word... "eh"

It's still not filled in. We compared this scan to the first scan and it is much, much better, but not a lot of improvement since the last scan. You can still see a hole with tendon fibers running through it, but it's not filled in. It looks a bit like a spider web. Progress, but not success. My vet said she thought it would be filled in by now so she was a bit disappointed. It is progressing, though, however slowly.

Next we did the x-rays. She had Lilly stand on two wooden boxes which she did surprisingly well with. I was quite proud that she stood there. Circus pony!! My vet took 3 shots and will be evaluating those. I'm expecting a call tomorrow with her assessment. The plan right now is for my farrier to remove the wedge pad next Friday when he comes out. She wants him to do a hoof test on her also and then pack her sole when he puts her shoe back on. Any changes or adds to that I should hear about when the office calls back about the x-rays.

My vet said she thought it was ok for Lilly to come off stall rest. (WOOHOO) The barn owner said I could put her in the little pen where her donkeys are since it's a pretty small area. I think it will be perfect. She'll be away from the other horses so she'll be less likely to get running around if they're out there playing. It has a nice lean-to and not enough room for her to get too crazy.

She still wants me to walk her for 30 minutes a day but in the arena instead of on the road. Since she thinks it's something in Lilly's foot, the road is perhaps too hard for her. She said if it was a tendon issue she would expect her to be worse on the soft footing and better on the hard footing, but since it was worse on the road, she thinks it's a foot issue. What kind of foot issue, we don't know... it doesn't really make sense at this point since she wasn't sore with the testers. So we talked about doing another block if pulling the wedge doesn't help just to try and isolate where the pain is coming from.

Of course Lilly did not "stick" when I had her out, but my vet said I could always have her come back when this is all over and give Lilly another adjustment to see if that helps.

I also asked her about the diarrhea. She suggested a bunch of things that I had already done with the other vet and asked a bunch of questions, but other than scoping her for ulcers (which she didn't think it was because she would have thought her diarrhea would have been worse once Lilly was put on stall rest) or taking a rectal biopsy, she said she wasn't sure what else we could do. She said she has 2 other clients with horses like Lilly, and like me, they've just learned to deal with the mess. I think Lilly just doesn't do as well when she can't eat consistently, and with this new hay she's not eating very much. Perhaps I can readdress it once everything else is back to normal.

I think that's everything... Once I hear about the x-rays I'll share that information as well.

So to summarize the plan:

No more wrapping
Paddock turnout instead of stall rest
30 minute walks on soft ground
Pull the wedge pad
Reassess 2 weeks after the wedge comes off

I hope it's as easy as taking off the wedge... My farrier appointment is next Friday, so that'll be our next big test!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hand Walking Day: 63
Walking Time: 30 Minutes

Days Till the Ultrasound: Tomorrow!

We recently got some new hay at the boarding barn. It looks ok, it smells ok, but ask Lilly to eat it and she'll shove it back in your face. Actually, all the horses hate it. She had hay left in her hay net today when I went out there and breakfast hay was scattered everywhere in her stall. Now there is a giant pile of it outside her stall door. She's not eating it and it's just messing up my stall, so let's not even pretend. I found some of the other hay so I filled her hay net with that instead.

We had been doing good on the diarrhea but I think from not having adequate hay consumption over the past couple days, it has sparked a fury in her digestive system. She was nasty today... and she smelled bad. Have you ever smelled a foal that has foal heat diarrhea? Not pleasant, and that's what she smelled like today.


So I had to wash her entire back end before our walk and right when I got done, the tail went up and well, you can guess without my detailed description. So I drug the hose back out and sprayed her again.

AND, her leg is still icky! Thank goodness the vet will be there tomorrow because I don't know what to do with it. I think it needs to not be wrapped so it can have a break, but now I don't think it should get dirty, so wrapping keeps it clean. I don't know...

It's like the dry skin that was chaffing is turning into scabs. It reminds me of rain rot... that wet kind of scab that takes the hair off when you pull the scab off. The skin underneath isn't open or anything, just bare with no hair. I can't imagine a fungus could live in there, but who knows.

So if it's not tendon lesions, it's scabby legs... if it's not scabby legs it's poopy cheeks, legs, and tails.

They're calling for 2 inches of snow now tomorrow, which is just wonderful. (NOT REALLY!)

But tomorrow is the ultrasound... it is finally here! I'm praying for good news!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Is This Ugly?

Hand Walking Day: 62
Walking Time: 30 Minutes

Days Till the Ultrasound: Day after tomorrow (I like when it goes from a number to a phrase!)

Because I'm so optimistic (or delusional) I've still been shopping for show stuff. There are a few new things I need and a few things I need to get rid of. It's all western stuff because I haven't shown in a western saddle in quite some time and my stuff has gotten out of whack. I found a great deal on a Hobby Horse hat on eBay to replace my "please don't wear that in public" straw hat. I can't seem to give that thing away but haven't been able to just toss it yet. Poor straw hat... it's in great shape!

I sold a pair of Hobby Horse chaps since I had 3 pairs in different colors and hadn't had any of them on my body in over a year. Now I'm down to my aubergine ones and my sand ones. I'm trying to get myself down to two complete outfits. I'll have my aubergine outfit (with 1 or 2 additional shirts) and my teal outfit, both with the ability to be worn in showmanship or in the saddle. I need a new black hat for my aubergine outfit and a new saddle pad to go with my teal outfit. I know the hat I want to get, but I have been watching eBay since I can't convince myself to cough up $219 for a brand new hat yet.

As far as the pad goes, I wanted a Mayatex type pad to throw over the 5 Star pad I hope to purchase (if I can cough up $180 for that). The pad I have in mind is sand and teal in some kind of striped pattern. Of course there is no such thing. I've seen patterns I like, but they're not in teal. I could tool on over to the Mayatex website and create my very own custom pad for the bargain price of $199, but I just don't think I could justify that with everything else I need to buy (new show halter - $200!).

Blah, blah, blah... get to the point already!

So... I found a pad that might work, but I think it is HIDEOUS. It might be my only option, though, so I need opinions. Is it hideous because it isn't what I want, or is it hideous because it's just freaking ugly? :)

It is listed as having the following colors: Sand, Cream, Aqua, Turquoise, Lime Ice, and Teal. Does it make you recoil in disgust?

Bear in mind it will be paired with this shirt, a sand hat, sand pants, and sand chaps:

I can see how the colors kind of work because of the different tones in the shirt. But is the pad still ugly as sin?

It's only $35, but $35 is $35 and I don't want to spend it on something that makes people point and laugh at me as I ride by.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Squeezy Buns

Hand Walking Day: 61
Walking Time: 30 Minutes

Days Till the Ultrasound: 3

Is it ultrasound day yet? I might need to be committed until Wednesday...

Lilly and I had a nice walk today. The weather was gorgeous but it's supposed to cool off and rain on Wednesday (of course). We might see some rain tomorrow as well. I don't think it will ever dry up.

Her leg is getting really icky... it was just dry before, but now it has started to get irritated and it has been oozing in certain spots. I've been taking her bandage off as much as I can while I'm there, but I'm hoping starting Wednesday we can just stop wrapping the leg. Her skin needs a break.

I went to the show yesterday after visiting Beau. It was almost over when I got there but I managed to catch about 10 classes. I chatted with a couple folks there about Lilly and I do feel a bit better about things. The show organizer mentioned that her horse also tore her DDFT (it was a split up the middle) and her horse was on stall rest for 7 months and even after that wasn't 100% sound. It took her a while to come back, but she did. She also suggested that perhaps the soreness Lilly still has is coming from pain in her hoof or knee caused by the wedge pad she's wearing. That was mentioned in the comments a couple posts ago as well by DIJ, so that could be an issue. The problem is that my vet wants her to wear that wedge pad... so if it helps the tendon but causes her discomfort, do I leave the pad on, or take it off? Perhaps I need to have a wedge on both feet? I'm going to ask on Wednesday and then again next Friday when my farrier comes back out.

Someone please stop the insanity. I can't take much more.

In other news, anyone ever tried those Uncle Jimmy's Squeezy Buns? Well, not YOU personally, but your horses? I got the small container (only 15 buns for the low low price of $6.95) to try and my horses are in love with them. I didn't know if Lilly would enjoy them or not but she scarfs them down like the little porker she is. The best way to tell, though, is by how long AJ sucks on his tongue... the longer he sucks, the better the treat. These buns make that tongue last a long, long time. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Working With Beau

After visiting and walking Lilly this morning, I headed over to visit Beau. I took all his new stuff with me that I've had for what seems like forever! It was still pretty wet over there but the driveway is pretty long and it was dry. I grabbed his pretty new halter and went into the paddock to get him only to find out his halter is TOO SMALL! I got a medium and it didn't even come close to fitting his head. I tossed the receipt already but I'm hoping TSC will let me exchange it for the "mammoth" size. :) Luckily I had my rope halter with me, which was better for what I wanted to do with him anyway, and that fit his big head just fine.

The first thing I did was brush him and comb out that gorgeous forelock of his. Look at this pretty boy!

Once the grooming session was over it was time to get to work. First thing was that mouth of his... he loves to have his nose all over everything and will chew on the lead rope if he can. I want him to know he's not allowed to do that. One of the ways I think I can get through to him is by teaching him to stay out of my space. He loves to be right up on you... it makes it easier for him to put his nose on you after all. :) One of the techniques I learned at the clinic I took Lilly to is to shake the lead rope up and down until the horse steps backwards out of your space. When you first start they have no idea what you mean, so you start small and then get big. It took a lot of big to get Beau to back up, but once he figured out I wanted him to back up, he did a really good job. He'd step into my space and I'd make him back up.

It was funny because when we first started he seemed a little upset, like he didn't understand why I was doing this to him. He would back up, though, then shake his head, lick his lips, and do this:

It must be his "I'm not happy with you" face. :)

Next we worked on walking without him putting his nose on me. When he did, I would scratch my fingers up and down on his nose or on the side of his mouth. I want an unpleasant experience for him when he nudges me but I don't want to hit him at all or make him head shy. It seemed to work, as we got quite a bit of walking in without his nose on my hands or arm.

Since I want to do showmanship with him too, I wanted to work on teaching him to pivot. The first thing I want them to know in preparation for the pivot is to move the shoulder away from me when I walk towards them. I also want to make sure they're stepping over and not behind with that front left leg. It took a little bit of work, but he started stepping away and crossing over properly.

After working on the shoulder stuff for a while, Beau got a little cranky. He started kicking his back leg up a bit to let me know he was done. We had been working on stuff for quite a while and he had done a really good job, so we called it quits with the pivot work. I worked a bit more on leading him and standing with him without allowing him to put his nose on me.

It was difficult to keep his focus on me at times and he kept wanting to look around but we made a lot of progress. Hopefully we get a break from the wet weather soon and the ring can dry up. One day soon I want to hop and take him for a ride!

Such a pretty face!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mini-Makeover Day

Today was really nice. It was still windy, but sunny and warmer.

AJ though it was a good day for sleeping in the sun. This is how I found him when I got to the barn... Look at his teeth showing! LOL

"Hey! I was sleeping!"

It was mini-makeover day for Lilly today... I could tell she was really excited. I mean, look at that face!

Could any horse look more enthused? :)

Here is the before shot:

And here she is after!

I will ask you to please pretend that she is a sorrel and not a palomino and white horse... those stains are impossible to get off without a bath! Her mane is still really thick too, but I can't stand it when it gets long. Her neck looks much prettier now.

Look at my gorgeous girl. <3

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Hand Walking Day: 57
Walking Time: 30 Minutes

Days Till the Ultrasound: 7

Tick tock... one week from today. I should have just made the appointment for this week, but I wanted to be true to the time table and take it out the appropriate number of days. Now I have to suffer and wait.

This weekend it's actually supposed to get to the 50 degree mark, and maybe 60 on Sunday. What a nice change that would be! I might be able to get her tail washed and clip her up a bit for the big day. None of those things are fun when it's 36 degrees and windy outside. She's starting to look like a ragamuffin.

There's a show on Saturday that I might venture out to. I think it might do me some good... get out, watch some sound horses, and fill myself back up with enthusiasm. I'm just depleted. Beau is in that same general area, so I may swing by and see how he's doing. I bought him all that nice stuff and haven't had a chance to use it on him yet. Maybe it will even be dry-ish by then and we can do a little work, who knows!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Blah...

Hand Walking Day: 56
Walking Time: 30 Minutes

I am SO worried about what I'm going to find out next Wednesday during the ultrasound and evaluation. Ever since the vet said, "she shouldn't be" in response to my "she's lame when I turn her left" comment, I've been a wreck. Thoughts of "what-if" consume me nearly every waking minute of my day.

This checkup will be 18 weeks post incident... nearly 4 months later... and she's still not sound. Is she just going to be a slow healer? Is she as healed as she's going to get? Originally my vet said she was happy with her progress, but now that's not the case. So what does that mean?

She's already wedged up on that left front, but my vet wants to take x-rays to see exactly what's going on in there and come up with a plan. What else can we do?

I board at a barn that doesn't really have "stalls". There is a lean-to with two stalls built inside that are used on occasion by horses like mine, and sometimes for the owner's horses. She has 2 miniature donkeys that are due to have little ones come April, and Lilly is occupying one of those stalls. What happens if Lilly can't be turned out for another 4 months and the BO says she needs her stall?

I don't have answers, and I really need them.

I found the perfect saddle pad for my new teal shirt. I have my new western hat picked out. My new show halter too. The clippers I want to buy. The new work pad I've been wanting. All of it on hold... my life with Lilly on hold. I'm praying she gets better, and if she needs 24 months to do it, that's what she'll get.

It's just difficult to stay optimistic. I'm certainly trying. When I look into her soft brown eyes, with those gorgeous palomino eyelashes, I know I have to. She's my world.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Hand Walking Day: 54
Walking Time: 30 Minutes

Lilly and I have been doing our 30 minute walks. We got some more snow and she had fun dragging her nose through it and eating it. She didn't really get to play in the last bunch of snow because it was so icy. She loves the snow, though!

The good news is that she hasn't got "stuck" lately. I'm very thankful for that!

The bad news is this:
I called the vet on Friday to schedule our next ultrasound appointment and the vet asked how Lilly was doing. I said she was doing well and is being a good patient as always. Then she said, "she's still sound, right?" and I said, "for the most part, yes." She asked what I meant by that and I told her about how gimpy Lilly is when turned to the left in a circle. The vet said, "at this point she shouldn't be sore at all." So I told her it wasn't anything new, it is just something that hasn't got better, but now she's concerned about that. :(

She also wants to take x-rays this time so we can get a shoeing plan together.

Because Lilly was sore when I turned her to the left, I hadn't done it in a while, so Saturday when we walked I pulled her to me when we did one of our end of the road turns. She was REALLY gimpy. She barely put any weight on her left leg and quickly put her weight back on her right leg. So it hasn't improved...

The ultrasound is the 24th at 1pm. Cross your fingers for Lilly.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Better Walk

Hand Walking Day: 47
Walking Time: 25 Minutes

I didn't get to walk Lilly on Friday because of all the rain, but I did get her out yesterday. She didn't get "stuck", thank goodness, but we didn't get to walk for very long. A certain someone didn't want to walk... she wanted to RUN and PLAY! Yippee!! Sorry, no... so we made one pass up the road and then went back to the stall. She even jumped and hopped around in the stall before I left. It was one of those days and all the horses were running around.

Today was sunny and lovely, so we had a nice walk. She didn't get stuck today either, so the increase from the other day must have been because of the amount of time she had to stay in the stall due to the snow. That's the only thing I can think of. I'll still mention it to my vet when we set up the ultrasound appointment.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to Walking

Hand Walking Day: 44
Walking Time: 25 Minutes

Now my count is all messed up... today is technically day 44, but I missed the last 5 days. So is it really only day 39?

Lilly seemed happy to be out of the stall today. It was still snowy and wet in front of the stall, but we took it slow. I think she might have learned "pick up your feet" after all these days of stepping out of the stall over that stupid board because when we walked through the snow I said, "pick up your feet" and she stuck her nose down to watch where her feet were going. (Maybe she just wanted to look at the snow... who knows. LOL)

Her "issue" with her hip/hind end reared its ugly head today THREE times. On the last one, it seemed to cause her a bit of pain because she held her leg up for a couple seconds while we were stopped. I think I'm going to ask my vet to walk behind us and watch when she comes out for the ultrasound. I'll leave her in the stall until the vet arrives and see if she'll do it so the vet can see. (They never do, but it's worth a shot) It seems to have gotten worse since she's been on stall rest, and even more worse after being stuck in the stall for these past 5 days.

I wish I knew what that was all about...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Still Snowy

Today was the 5th day I have been unable to walk my horse. It should have been our first 30 minute walk!

Because of how the barn is situated, the sun never gets to the front of the barn where Lilly's stall is, so there's a lot of snow and ice there still. The road was clear and dry, but getting there safely looked to be impossible. I'm hoping I'll be able to walk her tomorrow and I'm going to stick with the 25 minute walks until next week, and then bump her up to 30 minutes.

The weather guy is calling for more snow on Saturday, though. I hope he's wrong because I need to get Lilly walking again!

Next week I'll call the vet and set up the ultrasound appointment as well.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

APHA & Beau

I wrote an email to APHA asking about whether or not leasing Beau would enable me to show him in novice and amateur classes at APHA shows. Here's what I got back:

"For Amateur and Novice Amateur events, the exhibitor must own the horse or be a family member of the owner of the horse. That family relationship is defined in the APHA Rule Book. Horses leased by the Amateur or the Amateur’s family are not eligible for participation in APHA approved classes for APHA Amateur points or awards."

It does say so right in the rule book... It's rule GR-020.K.1. and RG-035.B.1.

I was also concerned about my novice amateur eligibility with Lilly next year, but I think I'm ok there if I end up showing Beau in open classes at an APHA show.

"To be eligible for Novice Amateur status in a category the applicant cannot have earned twenty (20) performance points (Open, Amateur and/or Youth combined) in that category in any recognized equine association."

"To be eligible for Novice Amateur status in a category the applicant cannot have earned fifty (50) Novice Amateur or Novice Youth points combined in that category in any recognized equine association."

So I get the impression that it is based on each particular category. So if I showed Beau in open western pleasure and we managed to get 20 or more points, that would mean I couldn't show Lilly next year in the novice amateur western pleasure category. She and I could still show novice amateur in the hunt seat categories, though, or any other category that is not western pleasure. There are 15 different categories.

I don't think halter counts for those 20 points because it specifically states "performance points". It doesn't specify in the rule book that halter is not performance, but halter has its own section. There is a halter section with rules, and then there is performance section with rules. So I'm fairly certain if Beau and I got 20 halter points, it would not affect my novice amateur status at all as halter is not performance.

I don't see any point restrictions for showing amateur. Eligibility is based on whether or not someone has accepted money for training, showing, or been reimbursed for expenses, is a judge, etc.

It's all so complicated, but I think I've got it figured out. If you read the rule book as many times as I have, it starts to sink in eventually. :)

So to summarize, I can only show Beau in open classes, but as long as we don't get more than 20 performance points, Lilly and I can show in novice amateur and amateur classes next year without issue. I can't say I want to show Beau in any open classes except halter, though... I think I'd get creamed. No offense to Mister Beau. ;)

Anyone see error in my logic?

Monday, February 1, 2010

No Walking

This is the third day I haven't been able to walk Lilly... I doubt I'll be able to walk her tomorrow either. It's just too slippery to get her out of the stall. I slipped quite a few times today myself, so there's no way I'm chancing it with her.

The snow is really wet and heavy and it keeps melting during the day and then refreezing over night. It's like walking on the beach... you take a step but you never really get anywhere because your foot slides. I hate that...

The snow needs to go away! I have an injured horse to walk!!