Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Battle Finally Won

Lilly's leg still has a few scabs left... there's a big one on her ankle that's stuck on there pretty good and a little patch further up her leg on the same side. The entire other side is free of scabs!! Her skin is a bit pink, and a little irritated in a few spots, though, so I cold hosed her leg, put some more cream all over, and left it unwrapped. I think the air will do it some good now that it isn't as attractive to bugs.

When I turned her out today I stood with her until she rolled... I knew she would, but she usually waits until I'm picking out her stall or somewhere I can't get easy access to the camera.

Does anything feel better than a good roll in the grass? :)

When she stood up and shook I got this funny picture of her face.

On the goat front, I noticed that the horses were mixed up a little bit, so I was about as happy as I could be, expecting to see the goats in their original pasture when I went down to check. Instead, I saw this:

The black billy goat was locked out of the pasture.


Moving one goat does not satisfy my request for a goat free pasture! So fuming mad, I stormed up to the barn and found the BO talking with a potential client. I suppose it was a good thing because I was having a difficult time keeping my emotions in check. I had decided I was giving him my 30 day notice and a piece of my mind. I was done messing around. The end!

He disappeared after the visitor left, so I called him on his cell and asked him to meet me in the barn. When he arrived I asked what the plan was for Lilly when she goes back out on pasture board Wednesday. I expected him to say she'd go out with AJ and the goats and I was going to explode.

Instead, he said she'd be going back out with AJ like before, but he was going to move the goats back over to the other pasture first. He wanted to mow it before putting them back in there, and hoped to get the mowing done today. He said in the meantime he took the tail chewer out to save the rest of AJ's tail.

I took a few deep breaths... and decided to continue my speech anyway, minus the 30 day notice part. He said he completely agreed with me about the goats and was sorry for all the grief they caused. He promised my horses would never put with the goats again.

After $725 in vet bills, a ripped hoof, an abscess, a puffy tendon, a healthy dose of cellulitis and dermatitis, 2 missed shows, and half of AJ's tail later, the goats go back where they were when I brought my horses to his farm less than 30 days ago.

Gee, thanks.


  1. Just think about all the money you saved NOT going to those two shows? :)

    Way to go asserting yourself. I sure hope you told HIM how much that little goat had cost you!

  2. I would still be livid! lets hope that this time he keeps his word

  3. Sounds like he's trying to mend his ways, and so glad her leg is looking better!

  4. But it would have been nice to SAVE that money (or buy something fun!) instead of spending it on vet bills... lol

    I'm really easy going, but apparently even I can reach a breaking point. Today was that day.

    I think maybe he could tell how upset I was... you know, from the steam coming out of my ears, and that's why he apologized. I'm sure I wasn't hiding it well.

    I'm still irritated about all of this, but I PRAY that next month goes better than this one did and I can put it all behind me.


  5. I completely understand. It's not just the money, although that's bad enough. It's the needless wear and tear on poor Lilly. Hopefully, it's over now, and you move on to better days.

  6. My poor pony has had a rough year to be sure. I hate seeing her in so much pain.

    Here's hoping she has many, many pain free days in her future!