Monday, August 16, 2010

For Sale

10 year old Paint mare for sale. Sweet temperament, not mare-ish, and gets along well with other horses. Has PAC and APHA points in halter and performance classes. Great showmanship and hunt seat horse and has also been ridden on trails. Prone to abscesses, tendon injuries, diarrhea, eye allergies, and other various ailments and injuries. Must be shod up front to stay sound. Stands well for vet and farrier (she's had a lot of practice). Clips, bathes, and trailers well, assuming she's ever sound enough to take to a horse show. Very high maintenance.

Any takers?


Hmm... didn't think so.

I called the vet this morning and she said it was ok for my farrier to put the shoe back on as long as the bottom of Lilly's hoof looked ok. She said since Lilly was still sore and had some puffiness above the coronary band I should keep wrapping her hoof and applying the wet poultice. I'm almost out of those, so I asked about picking some up from the vet tomorrow. (More on that in a minute...)

My farrier was originally going to come out this afternoon but that would have required him to take the wrap off in order to get the shoe on. She would be unwrapped all night, which wasn't going to work. I called him and he came out early to accommodate. She is now officially shod on both front feet! Woohoo!

He tried to keep the nails away from the injured part of her hoof. I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable having the shoe put back on, but she was a good girl.

She was doing much better with the shoe back on. I turned her around in the wash rack and she looked about 99% better. A little gimp, but if you didn't know she blew an abscess I think it wouldn't have been noticed.

After he left, I took some pictures of her hoof and then started soaking it. Once she was soaking, I started brushing. I worked my way all around her body, brushing her mane, scratching her withers, brushing out her tail, and got all the way around to the other side where I started brushing her right front leg. You know, the leg with the recovered tendon lesion, when I saw THIS!!



There was some heat in the leg, but she didn't seem lame on it. I would have noticed right away when I was testing the new shoe. Swelling is often seen in the same leg with the abscess (so I'm told), but not in the other leg. Sure, she's stalled, so I might even expect her to be a little stocked up, but that right there is localized tendon swelling around the tendon we spent 6 months rehabbing.

Another call to the vet.

She didn't seem terribly concerned, but wanted me to wrap it for the night and see how she looks in the morning. If she looks the same come morning and I want to play it safe, she said she'll come out and do an ultrasound to see what's going on.

Then I can get some more poultice wraps. How convenient for me!

"Look, mom! I still have TWO good legs left!"

At least my old, retired horse is sane and sound in his pasture. He's happy with his goats and his new friend Lenni (who is hiding in the shade).

I finally got in touch with 3 Gems about my halter. Sometimes when you emphasize words with all capital letters it gets people's attention. So my halter is going back tomorrow and they're going to send me a horse size one just like it.

I might throw it in for free if you decide to buy my 10 year old Paint mare...

Still no takers?


  1. Now, ya know you don't mean it, and you're gonna have to give Lilly cookies for hurt'n her feelings.
    I hope the new swelling is no big deal and you're back to work in no time. Hang in there.

  2. Awwww. You wouldn't sell her and you know it. I'm sorry the "fun" just won't stop for you.

    I'll scan those pages for you tomorrow or soon. It's less than 4 pages.

  3. I know what you mean about having an old, retired, but sound horse, while the riding horse is young and unsound. Maisie's had 2 bouts of laminitis and several suspensory problems, as well as her regular stifle issues, and she's 13. My old QH Noble, who passed away last month at the age of 30, was completely sound every day I owned him - only a little bit of arthritis in the last few years. What can you do?

    Good luck with the swelling thing - hope it's nothing serious.

  4. Ok, maybe I wouldn't sell her... but sometimes I dream of having sound show pony.

    She really is sweet, though. It helps to make all this tolerable. I love my Lilly.

    Thanks, SillyPony! I've been working on my rehab schedule and am curious to see what suggestions are in those pages.

    Kate: That's how AJ is. He's been retired because of arthritis for 18 years now, but he's sound for riding, just not showing. Aside from the arthritis, he's never taken a lame step in his life. Definitely from sturdy stock!

    Lilly on the other hand... it's one thing after another with her.

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone!