Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off Stall Rest

Lilly's tendon was still puffy today and looked about the same as it did yesterday. I tried to jog her around the front of the barn to see if she was lame but couldn't really tell. Her abscess is on the right foot and the tendon is on the left, so it was difficult to tell what was what. I grabbed the longe line and took her out to the arena to do a few circles. She jogged sound for about 5 or 6 strides and then started limping a little bit, but it was all on the abscess side. She looked ok otherwise.

I put another call into the vet to let her know the tendon was still puffy but there wasn't any lameness in that leg. She said areas that have been swollen before will sometimes swell much easier, so she thinks it's just related to the abscess and nothing to be too worried about. If she was lame, she'd want to come out and look, but we don't figure she could have reinjured her tendon standing in the stall.

So fingers crossed that the swelling will be gone in a couple days.

She wants me to start having her turned out now that she's mostly sound. I'll have to chat with the BO to see where and when he can turn her out. AJ is currently pastured with the only other pasture boarded horse, so Lilly would be the 3rd horse in the pasture. I hate groups of 3...

She's paid up on full board through the end of the month anyway, so I don't want to turn her back out on pasture board until the 1st of September.

I turned her out a little bit today to munch grass and get a little bit of exercise. She did more munching than exercising, but at least she was walking around.

She was only outside for about 30 minutes but came back in covered in sweat. It's a hot one out there today. She was happy to get back in her stall under the fan. Spoiled pony!


  1. Miss Lilly, don't you dare hurt yourself again.

  2. LOL!! I sure hope she takes your warning to heart!! :)