Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Nice Day With AJ

I turned Lilly out this morning without issue...  I stepped inside the stall and she backed up away from the door like a perfect lady.  I haltered her and we walked outside.  After she was turned her out was when she turned into a wild pony.  The horses she thought were in the bottom pasture were not there and she was NOT happy about that! 

AJ and I went for another trail ride this morning with M and her mare.  He was extra brave and crossed the water without much issue this time.  Baby decided she had better follow and M didn't even have to get off this time! 

When we initially left, Lilly went crazy again and ran and ran and ran, trying to give me ulcers I think.  She did calm down once we got into the trails but as soon as we got back to the barn and rode around the outside of the pasture, she just HAD to be close to us.  She followed us, nickering the entire time.  She found herself potentially being separated from us, so instead of allowing such horrors to occur, she decided to walk through the very large ditch with the very large rocks and then JUMP up over the part where the rocks were submerged in water.  It is an area where the horses never go, and never should go.  Well, the horses who care about their moms don't go there.  I just had to cover my eyes until M said I could open them.  She's trying to kill herself.

M says, "Wow, she's BRAVE!  And very talented!"  I was thinking something completely different than brave and talented.

AJ seemed to really enjoy his ride, but we only rode for about 30 minutes, all walking, and I could tell he was getting tired.  When I turned him back out, he walked down the hill to get a drink and then was a bit slow to make it back up the hill to get to the hay pile and his cookies.  The nights are getting colder and I wonder if his hocks are bothering him a bit more these days...

I'm still pondering my boarding situation...  I did some math and if I decided to do co-op, for pasture board it would cost me around $100 more than what I'm paying now to have the BO cover all costs and feed.  Co-op stall board would cost me $75 more than that.  Hay is the killer where the finances are concerned.  We're paying around $7 for a bale of timothy around here that weighs about 55 pounds.  Those figures all change when the pasture comes up or when AJ gets back to a weight I'm happy with, but I figure they're a good ball park estimate.

So for a lot less hassle (buying all this hay and grain and feeding with the co-op) and about the same price, I can move the horses to a full service pasture board facility...  assuming I can find one.  Again, the facilities here are amazing and I would love to stay, but I'm still going to look around and see what I can find. 

M and I have become really good friends and she said today that she doesn't want me to leave.  We're planning on doing some showing together next year and I think it would be a lot of fun, but I also have to do what works best for me and my horses.

On another note, AJ's coat looks fabulous!  I noticed today that he was super shiny and he hasn't been that shiny in quite some time.  His coat has lost its luster over the past few years and I even had him on Super 14 for a while, but I didn't notice any difference.  That Weight Builder must be helping his coat if nothing else!  Maybe now that he's eating the appropriate portion he'll start gaining weight too.


  1. OMG, your hay prices! I'd have a heart attack. I pay $11 for super nice 120 lb bales of mixed grasses.

    I'm glad you're enjoying riding AJ a bit! He sounds like such a sweet old fellow.

  2. I won't even tell you what we pay for hay here.

    Yeah, I don't see an advantage to a co-op if the price isn't in your favor. I remember boarding, and I feel your pain.

  3. "I was thinking something completely different than brave and talented". Too funny! But I'm glad she didn't get hurt.

  4. Ack, Lilly really is trying to give you a heart attack! lol, glad you had a good ride with your AJ he is too cute!
    Do you like the weight the weight builder is putting on him? Dixie, my moms older horse is having a hard time keeping her weight and I was thinking about telling mom to put her on that.

    Hope your boarding situation gets worked out soon, that is miserable!

  5. I want your hay, Funder!! Send some to NC, please! :)

    Yeah, co-op doesn't seem to be a good option either, especially now that I've made the cost comparison.

    She makes me crazy, Terry!! LOL

    Thanks, Britnie! Regarding the Weight Builder, he hasn't really put any weight on yet, but he wasn't getting the correct amount, so I'll have to wait and see if it makes a difference this month. If he does, it might be hard to tell if it's the weight builder since he's finally getting hay too, but I can tell it's doing something for him. His coat is shiny. :)

  6. Ouch on those hay prices and I thought hay here was bad.

  7. I think hay prices in Michigan range from $4.00 a bale all the way to $8.00 depending. At least that's what J pays.

    It sounds like you and AJ had a nice relaxing ride. It's so nice that you've made a good friend at the barn. It sounds like you each have each other's back in this less than ideal boarding situation.

  8. And hay prices have gone down since last year!

    My parents live in Michigan and they haven't ever paid more than $4.00 for hay... must be nice! :)

    Yeah, M has definitely made the last couple months bearable!