Thursday, October 21, 2010

Freedom Feels Good!

Lilly is officially off stall rest but we're trying to ease her back into full turnout so she doesn't end up doing something silly. I would appreciate it very much if she could be on pasture board with NO injuries.

Yesterday it rained, so she didn't get turned out, but I went over there today to give her some free time in the small paddock attached to the barn. I snapped a few pictures of her leg for posterity's sake. Here's the inside...

And here is the outside. I swear the ultrasound machine works wonders on her 'bump' because for the first time in about 4 weeks it isn't bulging out nearly as much. I don't think my minute massages helped that much over the course of 3 days...

That little scrape on her leg happened when the vet was shaving her for the ultrasound. It bled and bled... Her skin is definitely more sensitive in the areas where it has been beat and battered over the past year or so. I'm wondering if I should wait until some of her hair grows back before putting her back out on pasture board.

After a little bit of grazing, she decided to lay down in the grass and roll. She has a habit of bucking when she gets up, and today was no different.

Only she didn't stop...

Even though she was given the 'all clear', I wanted her to take it easy and not run around too much. So I hollered at her to settle down. She stopped dead in her tracks and gave me this look:

What do you suppose she's thinking? LOL

After a brief pause, she started running around some more, and before long she had the whole farm running around with their tails up!

You'd swear she's been cooped up in a stall for 30 days or something. :)


  1. Its great to see Lilly out running about in the pasture. Im sure she sighed a huge sigh of relief. Hope things run smoothly for her recovery!!

  2. How wonderful! Glad Lilly is off complete stall rest!

  3. The leg looks a lot better to me. Glad she was feeling so good! Love the "look"!

  4. Nice to see her happy face. And I see you are getting the hang of that camera.

  5. Thanks everyone! She was certainly a happy girl today. :)

    I think I'm making progress with the camera... some of the pictures turn out good and some of them look awful. The problem with DSLR cameras is you have to set the camera settings up ahead of time to get a good shot, but with horses, you never know what that shot is going to be!

  6. oh she is sooo cute! and soo happy to be our of jail so to speak! hope she heals perfectly and you can show again. i have a paint i am showing next weekend. haven't shown in three years! but we have done a lot of lessons and homework so we should be fine!

  7. WOW, that leg looks so much better than it did a month ago. I'm glad to hear she's feeling better. Hope it is all downhill from here!

  8. Thank you, Kritter Keeper!! And good luck at your show next weekend. I'm sure you'll do great! :)

    I'm hoping for a nice downhill ride from here on out, spazfilly! Keep your fingers crossed for us. :)