Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good News!!

It's great to be able to share GOOD news with everyone for a change!

But first things first...

The BO was at the barn this morning and we were chatting. He mentioned that he would like to talk to me about "what happened the other day" (referring to the blow up I was fortunate enough to witness). He said emotions were running high and a bunch of issues had just piled up until they all boiled over between the two of them. I know there are two sides to every story and I won't air M's dirty laundry here, but regardless, he's a business owner and he conducted himself poorly. He apologized to me and hopes that I will continue to board with him.

My biggest issue isn't with him personally, though. It's with the care (or lack thereof) that my horses seem to be receiving. I got to the barn today at 9am for Lilly's ultrasound, for example, and he hadn't fed her breakfast yet. He was there, just out in the field with the skid steer. Skid steer work on his own property before the work I PAY HIM FOR? So I fed her myself and I think he only drove up because he saw me at the barn. Yeah, hearing him yell and curse at people is the least of my worries. At least he apologized, I guess.

Now on to the FUN stuff!!

When the vet arrived we took Lilly to the arena so Dr Elaine could see how she looked trotting. We gave her a smidge of Ace beforehand so she would trot like a nice little pony. She did really good and looked 100% sound. That's nothing new, though, since Lilly has been sound for nearly 30 days. But, I'm still glad nonetheless.

She wanted to do Lilly's teeth next so we could do the ultrasound while she was still groggy from the sedative. Her teeth were really bad... She was done last fall, but they got pretty bad between then and now.  They haven't been affecting her food consumption (fatty) but I'm glad the sharp edges are gone.  Now she'll have a happier mouth!

Next we started the ultrasound...  it took forever to get everything set up and then for them to shave and scrub her.  Then it took even longer when she finally started scanning.  Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and asked how it looked in there.  She said the ICL measured 9mm where last time it measured 12mm.  So there's been lots of progress!  She said it looked really good and she didn't see any inflammation. 

Just to compare, we measured the check on her other leg and it was 8mm.  Dr Elaine doesn't think it will decrease to 8mm, but will probably stay at 9mm and that will be 'normal' for her.  Lilly still has a pretty big bump on her leg so I asked about the cause of that and she thinks it's just tissue of some sort.  It might always be there or it may go down.  We'll just have to wait and see.

So, this means no shock wave therapy!  She doesn't even think Lilly 'reinjured' her leg like we thought originally.  She thinks it was just inflamed and the rest healed her right up.

Since I've already paid for stall board for the month, we'll start turning her out for short periods of time for the next two weeks and then on the first of the month she'll go back out in the pasture with AJ.  She wants her to rest in the pasture (no riding) for another 4 weeks and then I can start riding her at the walk for a week and then gradually add work until we're up to full FLAT work.  She stressed FLAT work...  lol

No jumping for us, I can guarantee that!

She also wants me to massage the puffy area gently for about 1 minute per day just to see if we can get the swelling down.  I expressed concern regarding the look of the leg and how it might affect us at shows, but we can cross that bridge later down the road if she's still puffy around the ligament.

I also asked if she thinks this will be a reoccurring theme for Lilly.  She doesn't think so because of how nice everything looked on the scan.  She said the left leg looks just as 'good' as the right leg, so once we're past this hurdle, we should be in the clear.  (Please knock on wood, pray, or sacrifice a goat to help us make sure it really happens this time!)

So in about 6 weeks, I can start riding her again!  YAY!  That's a far cry from 3-6 months of stall rest!  To say that I'm beyond happy is a huge understatement!


  1. Yippie!!! Im so happy for you!

    I have the same type of tendon bump ankle and it's never bothered me, but Im not a horse!

    Hope she continues to improve every day.

  2. Thank you!! :)

    I don't think it bothers her in the least... it just bothers me. LOL As long as I know it isn't something I need to be concerned about, I suppose it's ok.

    Hopefully the size will decrease with time and a little massage and I won't have to stare at it every day. :)

  3. WHOO HOO!!! I bet your jumping for joy, so glad for you both! I hope the bump goes down too! So glad to hear the good news! (now you better keep it coming, we dont want no more of the other! hehe)

  4. YES!!! I am sooo happy for you! That's wonderful news! Now to get that guy to feed your horse...

  5. Very good news! I guess it's a good news day for a change!

  6. Yay! Thanks everyone! :)

    Hopefully the good news continues!

  7. Good news indeed! Finally! You needed some.

  8. Recently you mentioned talking to an equine communicator. Is there a post about it? Was it expensive? Did you find it helpful or just amusing?

  9. That is great news indeed! I bet that took a huge weight off your shoulders. There's nothing quite like the road to recovery ;)