Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some Fun Photos

Because I know I could use a smile!

In barn related news, I got a call this morning from the mare owner (her mare is pictured above... lol) that got kicked off the property the other day. She said she and her husband went over to talk with the BO yesterday and smoothed things over a bit. I guess he's a better listener when there's a hubby around. Her mare was back in the stall today and I guess she gets to stay. She said she'll probably still look around for something else, but the barn is only about 3 miles from her home, so it's really convenient for her. I wouldn't want to give my money to someone who talks to me the way he spoke to her, and I'd still be worried about my horse, but it's of course up to her.

She's not sure if she was able to talk any sense into the BO or not. He just seems to think he knows best and he'll do what he wants even after she tried explaining to him that we PAY him to do what we say with our horses. He can do what he wants with his own, but not ours. Not if he wants to keep horses at his facility. I don't see him changing... especially since the place is for sale. At this point he really isn't invested in the business anymore.

For now we agreed to keep an eye on each other's horses. She said she'll call me if she sees Lilly with an injury since we can't depend on the BO. I'm helping her with her mare also... today I took her blanket off and turned her out. We figure maybe between the two of us we can make it work for now.

She told me he asked about me and wanted to know if I was leaving. She told him that he scared me but that she didn't know if I was going to stay or leave. She told him that his actions weren't the best way to keep clients in the barn. I sure hope he doesn't confront me before I get all my ducks in a row... I don't want to have to lie to him, but I also don't want to tip him off either.

I have two potential new places.

One is a co-op that only does stall board. The horses are out during the day and in at night. I don't like the idea of AJ being stalled even for a few hours because I'm afraid his arthritis will bother him. Since I work second shift I'm not sure how well that would work with the co-op situation either, but I'd still like to go visit the place and talk with her about options.

The other place sounds really nice, but she doesn't have any stalls available. She has pasture board, but the barn is full. She said we could probably set up a small area to keep Lilly confined until she's better, but I'm not sure I want to go that route. So maybe it'll be somewhere I can move them both once Lilly is cleared for turnout again. I don't want to have to wait that long, but I would really like to find a great place for both of my horses where we can stay for a long time. I plan to go check out that place too.

Hopefully I can see one or both Saturday morning before I go to work.


  1. It's nice to have someone else be a 2nd set of eyes for you, but it sucks that you have to rely on other boarders instead of the person you're paying. We had a small group of boarders that would all watch out for each other too. It made it a lot less scary for us all if we needed to miss a trip, but with all of us cleaning stalls, turning horses out, breaking ice and untangling blankets it was like the barn had free labor. Jerks. I don't miss them.

    I'm going to email you something.

  2. I definitely agree... what's the point of paying him to do those things when we end up having to do them ourselves? He should just get out of the way at that point. And cut my board costs while he's at it!

  3. I know you need a laugh, so I'll tell you a story from many years ago. Back in his eventing days, my husband was boarding his horse at a barn, and we took Skipjack to a three day event. When we returned, his grain bowl was literally overflowing, and he had a stack of hay to the sky. They had just kept feeding him, even though he wasn't there! I don't think they ever even looked in his stall, they just kept shoving food through the slot! As I said to David, if your horse hadn't eaten in three days, wouldn't you want to know it? We left. Now we laugh about that grain bowl and hay mountain.

  4. Oh my gosh, Terry!

    That's hilarious!! But at the same time, really scary too! How could they not know he wasn't eating any of his food? He could have been dead in there!

    Wow... good thing you were able to get him out of there before something happened.

    I need my own farm... lol

  5. Crossing my fingers for you that everything works out ok. :)

  6. Glad you've got some barn buddies to look out for each other's horses. Good luck with finding another place!

  7. That mare is too cute! But, then again I'm a sucker for black and white mares. :)

    Glad you have a situation worked out. I agree that it sucks that you have to have other boarders doing what you're paying the BO to do, but at least you have more eyes on them. Good luck!

    Could you go back to the place you were at before this one? I know the facilities weren't as nice, but the horses seemed well taken care of!

  8. Thanks for the well wishes Justaplainsam and Kate! Much appreciated.

    Thanks, Jill. :) I don't really want to move back to where I was because there wasn't a very good place to ride. There wasn't a barn either, so I'd have to wait until Lilly was off stall rest before I could move, and AJ was losing weight there.

    Hopefully I can find somewhere that's perfect! I figure there has to be a place like that somewhere!