Monday, November 22, 2010


I fed at the barn this morning and noticed Lilly's leg looked a bit more swollen than normal. Usually she just has a very prominent bump where her lesion was, but today the bump was less noticeable and surrounded by some fill.

My least favorite sight.
It was just a little warmer than the other leg, so I pea treated her for about 20 minutes before turning her out. I'm trying to remain calm and reasonable. She was in the stall all night, so the swelling could just be from that. Or, I guess if things never actually heal up, her ligament could have good days and bad days? I'm really just guessing...

She wasn't lame at all, and when I turned her out she took off running and bucking as if she was trying to make some kind of point.

Depending on what I find when I go out tomorrow, I may end up calling the vet again. I've dedcided this time I'm going to call the other practice, though, and have their lameness vet come out. I've been wanting a second opinion and this would be a good opportunity to get one.

This is all right on schedule because I was cleared to start riding a week from Wednesday. Here's hoping the swelling is nothing and gone by tomorrow!

On a side note, I gave Lilly an extra hug and took a few extra moments with her today in honor of Denali. I was brought to tears as I held Lilly's face in my arms and thought about Denali. Lilly, AJ, and I wish Denali and her mom the very best.


  1. Crossing my figers for you that its just some fluid caused by stress or by being inside. Hopefully its nothing!

  2. Thanks Justaplainsam! That's what I'm hoping it is too...

    It wasn't you, SillyPony... I don't think I sacrificed enough to the ligament gods this month. I'm just glad she's not lame. I can deal with a little swelling as long as things hold up and she's still ok to ride and work with.

    What you said, Terry!!