Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Hate Blankets

I really do... I have a super heavy blanket for AJ, a show sheet for Lilly, a fly sheet for Lilly, and a currently missing cooler for Lilly. I hate them all.

Just when you think you know what size your horse is, you order a sheet in a 74" and as it turns out, you actually needed to order a 78". That's what happened when I bought Lilly's fly sheet, so I had to keep sending it back and ordering bigger sizes.

I recently decided I wanted to get AJ a midweight turnout for rainy days. Some midweights have 400g of fill and some have 200g of fill. I just want 200g. I don't want it to function as a blanket, just a waterproof turnout he can wear when we have cold, rainy days. I bought a really nice Amigo at the tack shop and it was a 78, a size bigger than I thought AJ was, but I figured I'd give it a try. It swallowed him whole... so I figured a 74 would probably fit since the 78 was SO big. Nope. Too small. So now I have to take another blanket back. The tack store lady said she can order me a 76, but I've only seen them in 75 or 78.

I tried a Weaver turnout on him too but it was really square in the back.  Does anyone know a horse with a square ass? Do you buy a blanket big enough to cover the cheeks, or just let them hang out? And what's with the one strap that goes across the back of the blanket to replace leg straps? It seems to hang right in the direct line of fire...

The day my farrier was out, we had a really cold rain, and when I brought Lilly up from the pasture (she was still on pasture board) her little muscles were quivering and she was quite chilly. So I need to get her one too. I would also buy the Amigo for Lilly but it only comes in one color and I prefer not to have identical blankets for different horses. In a perfect world, I would have navy blue for AJ and hunter green for Lilly.

I just can't find anything I like, and I refuse to spend over $100 on a midweight turnout they'll wear a few times per year, and that AJ might actually ingest. I found some decent looking, reasonably priced, 1200D ones at SS Tack but as always, they're on back order. And then if they don't fit, or have a square ass, I have to send them back.

It seems like most blankets now only come in increments of three...  72, 75, 78, 81...  Lilly measures a 74 and AJ measures a 76.  So do I get a 75 for both of them?

It's such a pain.  And that's why I hate blankets.

There.  I feel better now having vented to sympathetic ears.  Time to keep shopping...


  1. The first blanket I bought Junior was a Heavyweight Viking I. He wore it from October to April the 1st year. The 2nd year I bought a Techno-Fleece with a neck cover so he wore the Viking less. I retired the Viking after two winters for the following reasons: It was an 82 and later I realized he is really a 78. The neck dug into his high withers and I lost the mane in that area. The lining pilled the first year so badly it left bald spots on the points of his shoulders. And the butt flap was sewn on crooked. There were several tears in the seams of the lining.

    I bought one of the Stormsheilds? (I can't remember which model it is) during the spring sale but it's not cold enough for that yet. I really love my Techno Fleece. It also has tears in the the lining seams but it's not pilling. He's rough on stuff... I bought an 80 and wish I had a 78 but it works with the adjustment. It's "a little less than midweight" and I've had him in it with a short coat up to 60 degrees without sweating. It's not poofy so it folds flatter for storage and fits in the laundry machines easier than the poofy ones.

    I've only had Schneiders blankets, but Max has one of the Dover Rider's ones and it's really nice and still looks new after 2 years. He's not as rough on the blankets as Junior is, though. There's a coupon for $79.60 right now. I like the V-Fit of the Schneider's ones for my high withers, though.

  2. I've had good luck with a couple of brands, although none of them are perfect.

    Brookside makes a durable mid-weight turnout. My biggest complaint is that the rear leg straps are too short - I had to swap in some others. Rambo makes a super blanket - extremely durable - but the fit is tight through the shoulders for many horses. A lot of people seem to have good luck with the Ryder brand from Dover, and some people seem to like the Turtlenecks. Good luck!

  3. Well, I wish you some good luck on finding the right blankets!! It is such a HUGE pain ~ I know this and I don't own a horse, lol!

  4. That's the worst part about buying blankets... you never know if it's going to fit or not. Sometimes that's not noticeable until it's too late to send the blanket back.

    Thanks for the ideas, though! I'll check into those brands.

  5. Hey the SStack ones are great!! They run just a touch large. Lucas fits into a 81/82 in any other blankets but the 82's are a bit larger in the Ajust-a-fits. It works good though because I can layer a sheet under his turnout if he needs it.

    I would double recomend the V-free and the ajusta-a-fit for AJ if he has a decent wither.

  6. Geez and I thought I had a tough time with blankets :) my horse is an 86. They typically don't come any bigger than an 84 for any less than 200$.

    I've had good luck with stateline tack brands, weatherbeeta, and an offbrand a tackstore sells around here.

  7. Thanks Justaplainsam! AJ does have a pretty high wither these days... that's why I liked the Amigo. I do like the SSTack blankets and will probably end up ordering one of those.

    An 86 Chelsea?? Wow! I can't imagine the size of your horse!! :)