Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Still Hate Blankets

Behold! The reason I hate blankets! (Sorry, more iPhone pics!)

Do you see how his little cheeks hang out the back? This is the Amigo 600D Medium Weight turnout blanket. I love the weight, the material, the surcingle front closure instead of those irritating buckles, and the fit (even though I usually prefer the shoulder gussets), but I can't seem to get it to fit my horse. My tack store had it for $89, and it's $105 online everywhere I checked, so it's a great deal too. I had the 78" before and it seemed too big, and this is the 75". Too small, right? Or is it ok that a little bit of his behind sticks out?

I know it's hard to tell how it really fits with that sheet hanging all over the place, but I think it looks too small.

This is a Dura-Tech Aquanon I got from Schneider's, which I actually bought for Lilly but it needs to go back because it's too heavy. I got the medium weight but I guess I just need the sheet (which will inevitably be too light... that's how my luck goes). It's a 75" and looks too small for him too.

It was quite gusty today, so I had a heck of a time keeping the sheet on him while I tried to blanket him. I thought for sure he was going to freak out when the sheet started whipping around, but he didn't move a muscle. Try to walk him over white lines on pavement, though, and see what happens. :)

I've tried 4 blankets now and they've all been either too big or too small. Is bigger better? Since all these blankets only come in 75" or 78", I guess I'll have to go with the bigger one. Perhaps when he weighs what I want him to weigh it'll fit better?

The good news is, the Schneider's one fit Lilly perfectly.  The bad news is that it's just too heavy and I hate the buckles on the front.  The sheet will probably be too light and I'll have to send it back too.  I really only want a rain sheet with a little bit of fill, so then I'll be back to square one.  The Amigo seemed a bit tight on her in the shoulders, or I would just keep that one for her. She needs the shoulder gussets, I think.

Maybe one day they'll both have a nice blanket that fits.


  1. I think my next step would be to call Schneiders. I've had good luck with the people at the call center. Maybe they can help you navigate through the different fits.

    Or, have you thought about getting blanket liners to go under the waterproof sheets when they're needed?


    I hate the front buckles, too. I just leave them buckled and go over the head.

  2. I think the blue one looks fine. I would think you would want to make sure it isnt so big that its easy for them to get mixed up in it if they lay down and roll, etc. Blankets really are such a hassle. Wouldnt winter be easier if we didnt have to deal with them?!?!

  3. The first looks just fine. You don't want it covering their rear end completely because when they poop it needs "clearance" so to speak.
    I have a Rambo and I love it, although I bought a 76 and it is a tad bit too small but I didn't return it because I was desperate, stupid, I know.

  4. I agree with everybody - I don't think the first one is too small. The problem with blankets is that you don't know if it's a really good fit until they've been wearing them long enough to see if they slip around!

  5. Good idea, SillyPony... I think half the problem is that the 75" is too small and the 78" is too big. He really needs a 76", which no one seems to have these days. Maybe Schneider's can help me pick a style that might fit. One of the ones I wanted to try is on back order until the middle of December and I can't wait until then. :(

    That's why I've been pretty anti-blanket until now, Ashley. I hate messing with them, fitting them, and with the NC climate, it gets crazy trying to keep the right blanket on.

    Maybe that's half my problem, Horsemom! I think it looks too big/small when it really isn't. The 78" was definitely too big and I was worried he'd get tangled up in it.

    You're right, Terry! And by that time it's too late to return it!

    Maybe I'll try the Amigo on him again and take a closer look... thanks for your opinions!

  6. Another thing you want to look for is how tight it is in the front. To me that bottom blanket looks too tight, although it may loosen with the buckles. I found out the hard way that if it is too tight in the front it restricts their movement when they they walk, then it causes shoulder and back issues.
    Yeah, blankets are a pain.