Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogger Is Really Cramping My Style

I'm still having problems commenting on everyone's posts. I end up in an endless loop of "choose profile", "log in", "word verification"... Sometimes I get around it by being anonymous, but for those of you who don't allow anonymous comments (like myself) I just can't post. It only seems to happen on those blogs with the comment box embedded within the post and I really don't know why.

Blogger claims they're working on it:
We're investigating an issue which is preventing login and comment posting for some users, and hope to have a fix released shortly. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. — latest update on Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm reading, but I'm stuck keeping my comments to myself... some would argue that isn't a bad thing. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Much For Great Ideas

Every time I think I have a great idea, something goes wrong. There was the day I was riding and wanted to snap pictures of us cantering around the arena. I spent a great deal of time setting up my camera in the arena and when the time came to take the pictures with my remote, my camera wouldn't cooperate. I had another great idea today, and while I didn't have any technical issues, I did have stubborn mare issues. :)

I wanted to work Lilly in the round pen and take a few pictures to show how much she has progressed and how responsive she is when we work without the halter. I can point my finger and she moves off in that direction, I can jog and she'll jog, I can skip and she'll canter, and when I jog again, she jogs. It's beautiful!

Once we got settled in the arena I did some warm up with her. I got a little bit of attitude, but it was really hot today so I promised her we wouldn't work too long. I hung my camera around my neck and asked her to jog... she jogged and I picked up my camera to take a picture and she shot off like a rocket!

"Take a picture of THIS!"
After getting her calmed down and working again, I asked her to jog... she jogged and as I put the camera up to my face, she again shot off like a rocket!

"This makes for a better picture!"
It was as if she was saying, "if you're not putting 100% into this, neither am I" and she was an absolute brat when I tried to take pictures of her.

It was impossible to get anything done.

After putting the camera down and working her with 100% of my attention focused on her, we were able to accomplish some nice transitions and a relaxed jog... you know, the things I wanted to get pictures of. So I thought maybe I could sneak in a few more pictures now that I had her working nicely.

So I grabbed the camera and sent her back out. Every time I put the camera to my eye, Lilly did this:

"If you ain't working, I ain't working!"
I found it rather amusing because the instant I put the camera to my face she would either take off, stop completely, or come into the center of the arena.

Why can't she just mindlessly jog around the arena like a good girl? I guess it's not a bad thing that she's so in tune to my body language, but it sure makes it difficult to take any pictures.

And she looks so sweet...
The fly boots are working ok so far... I'm still on the fence about them but they definitely help keep her happy in the stall.

By the way, Blogger is being a giant pain and I can't seem to comment on anyone else's posts. So Milo, if you end up seeing like 25 comments from me that say the exact same thing, I'm really sorry!

Oh, and even though Lilly is one of the cleanest horses on the planet, I entered her in Ashley's ShowSheen contest!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fly Boots

Lilly seemed happy to see me today. I'm not sure if she missed me or if she's just a happy girl, but when I called to her in the pasture, she actually jogged over to the gate. I noticed she was missing her fly mask so I had to walk out in the pasture a short distance to get it and she followed closely behind.

I found everything at the barn to be wonderful... not that I had any doubts, but you never know. Her feet are looking wonderful, her coat is beautiful, and I think her weight looks fantastic. She's been cleaning up her feed, so there aren't any more issues there. She's still pastured by herself, and I think that's working out really well for her.

Things are good. :)

We've had some really nice weather lately but things are supposed to turn hot, so I decided now is a good time to switch things around and start leaving Lilly in during the day. The little yearling is still doing well, so he'll be in the barn to keep her company for a while, and I think the BO is going to bring her PMU gelding in soon too. He doesn't do well in the heat at all, so hopefully there will be another horse in the barn to keep her company. She's doing so well that it might not matter if she's alone or with a buddy, but I want her as happy as possible.

Knowing she'd be in the stall during the day now, I broke out the new fly boots. I got these for Christmas and have been anxious to try them out. Because Lilly has short, stubby QH legs, they're a little big for her front legs, but they fit her pretty well in the rear. I don't think she cares for them, but hopefully she'll get used to them.

Is it just me, or does she look a bit like a tank?
 Have I mentioned lately how much I love my new barn? I think it's been a while, so let me just say, I LOVE MY BARN! I wasn't sure what the BO would think of fly boots since she'll have to take them off before turnout and put Lilly's bell boots on instead, but I called her to give her a heads up.

Her response (I'm paraphrasing): That's actually a great idea! With the fly boots, she might not stomp her feet as much and it might help her hooves!

That would never happen at any of the other barns. The fly boots would most certainly have been a no go. The BO also proceeded to tell me how much they love Lilly and how beautiful she is (all things I already know, of course). She said Lilly whinnied to her the other day and she thinks she's just the sweetest mare. They just love having her there.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I admit it... I've been slacking this past week. Not only have I not written anything in my blog in over a week, I haven't even been to the barn to see Lilly since last Friday.

I had a really busy week with appointments in the middle of my off time, so it didn't give me much of an opportunity to spend any quality time at the barn. Last weekend and this weekend I've had a crazy schedule at work (working midnight shifts to cover for a co-worker) so I didn't want to ride Lilly without being rested and ready to mentally commit to her.

Another part of me is SO happy with where she's at, that I feel like I don't have to go over every day to check on her and make sure everything is ok. The BO emails or calls if there's an issue and nothing significant has come up, so I've just been staying home enjoying some me time. It has actually been very therapeutic. This is the first time in over a year that she's been happy, healthy, and in a good place.

I used this week to relax and recharge and not worry myself sick about how Lilly is doing at the barn. I took some time to work on my second favorite hobby... something that I haven't been able to do for a very long time.


I have some cherry tomato plants in a self watering planter (we have way too much clay for a "normal" garden), hanging baskets, potted flowers, and I gave the shade garden in the backyard a makeover:

Hostas, Heucheras, Lilies of the Valley, and Aquilegia
I still need to get this bed and the one on the other side of the patio mulched (if Lowe's ever gets my mulch back in stock) and they'll be done. I had to divide the Hosta plants and tried to make the ground a little more conducive to growing plants, so I hope I don't kill them with kindness. They were thriving in our rock hard, clay "dirt"...

I have a few plants left to dress up the area around the mailbox and I'll have all my little garden projects complete.

Next week I'll get back to my regularly scheduled program. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Trot is Progressing!

Hmmm... looks like Blogger ate all the comments from my last post. At least the post is there, and supposedly the comments will eventually make their way back.

The BO and I have decided to add a little bit of Purina Ultium to Lilly's alfalfa pellets to see if that makes them more appealing to her. It's lower in NSCs than the SafeChoice, so I'm open to trying it. So far, so good, but I wonder how long it will last. The vet that comes to check on the yearling every day was hand grazing him while I was there and I was trying to get some free advice about the feeding issue and the potential for ulcers. She's been able to observe Lilly for the past week because she checks on the yearling at least 3 times per day (can you imagine that vet bill?) and she said she's impressed with how she's settled in from the first time she saw her. She doesn't seem to be very concerned about her having ulcers. Other than the food issues, she doesn't exhibit any other symptoms and since she's never been a big eater she's not sure that's really a symptom. One of these days I might have to have her scoped just for my own peace of mind.

I rode Lilly today in her new fly mask. I think she liked it because she didn't shake her head at all, despite the fact that there were flies and gnats everywhere around her face. She seemed a little irritated by my constant request for her to be soft. In Lilly's universe "soft" meant "trot" for some reason. So we had to spend a bit of time on that but she finally gave in and started working nicely. She was quite forward today as well, and we had one cannon explosion transition, but I made her do it again and the second time was much better. I've been working on slow, slow, slow because getting her to move out is a lot easier than getting her to slow down. Her trot today was beautiful! I'm not sure we could pull it off with only one hand in western tack, but we're making progress.

After our ride I hosed her down and worked on her tail. It really needed to be conditioned and trimmed. I cut about 3" from the bottom of her tail... it was painful, but it needed to be done. It's really starting to look nice, though. Hopefully she doesn't rub it too much during fly season this year.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not Showing After All

Lilly is all clipped and my trailer is ready to go! Except... I'm not going to the Paint show this weekend after all. M and I were going to haul down on Friday but something has come up and she won't be able go. I considered going on my own, but these shows are pretty pricey when you add in all the expenses (gas, stalls, RV parking, food) that are included in a show like this. Not to mention the actual show expenses (shavings, classes, fees). While Lilly is doing well with her rehab, we're certainly not breed show caliber at this point in time. The Paint show was just going to be a fun weekend, spent with two beautiful Paint mares and a good friend. Subtract the good friend and one of the beautiful Paint mares, and a lot of that fun goes away.

There'll be other Paint shows. Maybe by then we'll be a bit more ready for the competition.

In other news, the BO sent me an email today asking if I've ever had an issue getting Lilly to eat her alfalfa pellets. Apparently she's eating lots of hay but seems disinterested in the pellets. The BO tried waiting to give Lilly hay until later in the evening to see if she'd eat the pellets if no hay was available, but most of the pellets were still there. She said Lilly whinnied to her when she came into the barn. It's like she was saying, "thank goodness you're here! You forgot my hay!"

Unless it's carrots, Lilly isn't very food motivated. She's never been a chowhound and if there's something more interesting going on around her, she could care less about food. The BO commented about that today too. So we're trying to think of something we can add to the pellets (that's not carbs) to make them more tasty.

She also commented on how Lilly has really settled in. She said one of the geldings was whinnying to her yesterday and Lilly completely ignored him. Even the yearling was crying for her when she came in for dinner, but like a good girl she just kept walking. She said Lilly is a super sweet mare with great manners and they just love her. Me too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Show Preparations Are Under Way

I did a lot of running around today to get ready for the show this weekend. Aside from laundry and some packing, I stopped into the local Wally-World to get some thinning shears to try and do something with Lilly's mop. While I was there, I picked up an old school lint brush that will hopefully un-crush the velvet on my hunt cap. Then it was off to my favorite little feed store that seems to have a little bit of everything. I went ahead and bought Lilly another Cashel fly mask, but this one has the ears on it. Once she's clipped for the show she'll really need one with ears. I also bought her the Cashel Quiet Ride mask for our time in the arena. I could have used Lilly's regular fly mask for riding but the view is a whole lot better in the Quiet Ride. I decided to splurge. What's money for if it isn't for spending on Lilly?

From there I went to the barn to check on Lilly and start preparations for this weekend. I like to clip her and shorten her mane a few days ahead of time in case I make any mistakes... they tend to fade within a few days and no one is any the wiser. I only had time to do her mane, head and ears, and both front legs. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow. I must say, she looks super cute already.

When I first got there, she was way in the back of the pasture, about as far away from the boys as she could get. When I called her and showed her the carrot in my hand, she lazily made her way toward the gate. I practically had to drag her into the barn and she stood stock still for the entire grooming session. I think she's finally settled in and is comfortable with the way things are.

And (Alex, you'd be proud) I've been making her walk a few steps behind me whenever I'm leading her anywhere and she has been doing really well. Sometimes she forgets and wants to steam roll past me but I shake the lead and she very quickly stops, waiting for me to get in front again before walking off. If I stop and she happens to get too close, she'll automatically back out of my space. Such a good girl. :)

We've been working on this because Lilly is always in a big hurry and has a desire to be in my lap when we're walking somewhere. I need her close to me for showmanship, but I'm trying to teach her the difference between that and when we're just walking from point A to point B. She tends to get in front of me sometimes and I'm trying to reinforce to her that I'm the leader. In essence, I'm saying, "you stay back there and follow me... I'm the leader."

I know I keep saying this, but I love my new barn! After so much crap, and so many barns, it feels good to be at this one. It's so peaceful... I find myself being goofy when it's just me and Lilly there. I realized today that I'm just happy, and it feels so good!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I Love the Arena!

I thought it might be fun to show a picture of the farm. The layout is pretty interesting, so rather than trying to explain it (most likely unsuccessfully), I'm going to use Google Maps to assist.

A picture of the farm courtesy of Google Maps.
The road would be on the left side of the picture, and you can see the house (complete with pool) and barn directly behind it. The big arena is quite noticeable, and even though it's close to the road, there's quite a bit of a drop into the arena. It's nice because the traffic is up above and not much of a distraction (unless someone honks, as one loser did today). There's a small, fenced in area that I have to walk through before I can get to the arena and I'm not really sure what its purpose is. To the right of the arena is the biggest pasture. The BO's horses, Quill and Trudeau, live in there and can walk up to the arena if they so desire.

The fenced in area in the top left of the picture is Lilly's pasture, and next to it is where Jack and Dusty live. Jack and Dusty have access to the other pasture below theirs, but it ends at the pond and we're not sure if Lilly would try to escape by swimming for freedom or not. So she has to stay in the upper pasture. The fenced in area near Jack and Dusty's pasture houses the round pen... and that's about it! It's a wonderful place to board. :)

Lilly seemed to be a lot more calm today. I think she's finally settling in. Jack and Dusty were hanging out by the fence and Lilly was off on her own grazing. She even walked over to me in the pasture when I went to bring her in for our ride. Until today, she didn't care less about little old me.

We rode in the arena for the first time today and Lilly did quite well. There were a few issues, but we were able to work through them fairly quickly and without much fuss. I wasn't sure what kind of horse I was going to have today, but I went out with a positive attitude expecting her to be a good girl.

Immediately after I got on, Lilly let out a big, loud whinny but I got after her right away. Quill and Trudeau came to the fence to watch us ride and that turned into a bit of an issue because she wanted to keep her eye on them. I made her do some serious work to get her focus back on me and really only had to work her like that for a few minutes before she was ready to focus again. I was quite pleased with how quickly she was ready to move on.

Once the boys got tired of watching us, they left. This was probably about half way through our ride and I heard Lilly start to sneeze. During the sneeze I heard a squeal/whinny start to come out. If she thinks she can hide her whinnies in a sneeze, she's sadly mistaken! I'm guessing this was because Trudeau and Quill had made it half way down their pasture and she wasn't happy about them leaving her. I got after her for that one too and it never really progressed past the initial squeal. That was the last I heard from motor mouth for the rest of the ride.

She was quite a bit better before the boys left the arena. Once they left, she got faster, had a lot more energy, and wasn't as focused. I channeled my inner Alex and used the opportunity to my advantage. We worked on cantering figure 8s, practicing simple changes in the middle of the circle. We did quite a few of them until I felt her starting to get tired and once she wasn't carrying herself very well we moved on. It is SO nice to have a big arena with nice footing. We have a lot of room to do figure 8s, serpentines, and we're not always coming into a turn right away.

Her trotting was super nice today. She was very soft and very round, and would slow when I asked and also speed up when I asked. We worked a lot on 'stop, soft, back, soft' and she was really anticipating the whoa. That has got to be the best exercise EVER for her.

We had a couple deer flies harassing us during the ride and she HATES bugs. We had a few issues there, but I'm going to order her one of those fly masks you can put under your bridle in case they're a regular occurrence. I was bitten twice on the back of the arm and it puffed up like a marshmallow.

All in all, a great ride today!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great Round Pen Session

We got a lot of rain last night, into this morning. The ground was quite saturated and stayed wet for a good part of the morning. I went to the barn today around noon and when I got there I saw Lilly's head sticking out of her stall. For a brief moment I wondered why she was still in her stall... then the BO mentioned all the rain we had and she wanted to make sure it was mostly dry before she put Lilly in the pasture. She said she was just about to turn her out. Someone is following my instructions?! Nice!

Lilly has a stall across from a yearling who is visiting the farm for rehab purposes. The poor guy got into barbed wire (he was chased through horse fence into a cattle pasture with barbed wire) and they're not sure he's going to make it. His right hind leg is really bad and they've done numerous surgeries on him already. He's the sweetest little thing, and is apparently bred to the nines. He's a QH with a future in reining, or so we all hope. When Lilly is in the barn she keeps him company and he seems very attached to her.

I grabbed Lilly from her stall and gave her a much needed brushing. Her bridle path had gotten out of control too, so we clipped it back down. Because of the time, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to ride without rushing, so instead we went into the round pen. I must say, this round pen is awesome... it's flat, has wonderful footing, and is bigger than the one at the last place. I think this one is 60' and there's a lot more room to work. It's not as hard on Lilly either, because her circles can be bigger.

We started with some "hey, pay attention to me" exercises and then eventually I took her halter off to work on some free longeing. I always carry my motivator stick (crop with a plastic bag attached to the end) with me when we're doing round pen work, but it seems she cares less and less about it each day. Today she was especially lazy and I had to work pretty hard to get her to go.

Did you catch that last part where I said, "I had to work pretty hard to get her to go."

She was lazy?!


She was actually VERY good and never once bucked or raced around the arena. Her canter transitions were gorgeous and she remained calm and level headed during the entire session. This was the first time the BO has seen me work her, and she was quite impressed. Thanks Lilly for making me look good. :)

One of the geldings was in Lilly's pasture, so before turning her out I asked if Lilly was being turned out with Jack today. The BO said no, that she wanted to leave Lilly by herself for a few more days. She said Lilly seems to internalize things and worries a lot. (Ain't that the truth...) When the other horses went out this morning and she didn't, the BO said Lilly was not a happy camper. She seemed pretty content when I pulled her from the stall, so it's good that the anxiety is passing. Once I got her turned out, she ran over to the fence, but then left and started grazing. Friday and Saturday she spent most of her time hanging around the fence waiting for the other horses to come hang with her, but they lost interest in her pretty quickly and left. She waited anyway, so it's good to see her exploring and grazing for a change.

I just thought it was great that the BO is trying to help the situation and not just do what's easiest for her. Keeping Lilly by herself for a while, but in a location where she can see the other horses, should help her overcome this desperate need to be with them.

In other news, I'm still admiring her color, so I took a couple pictures to post:

Can I go out in the pasture now?

Chocolate...  YUMMY!
Nothing compares to how it looks in person, and I've noticed my screens at work make my pictures look icky. Perhaps they look more true on your monitors, but the dark areas are actually black hairs mixed with the caramel colored hairs. It's so pretty to me and I just love that color!

M and I leave for the Paint show on Friday and I have a million things to do. Hopefully Lilly is also preparing... it should be a lot of fun!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More On the New Place

Originally I had planned to take Lilly up to the fairgrounds for the Carolina Mane Event show. I wasn't sure if I was going to show or not, but I wanted to take her up there to see how she would do without Baby. After much debate, I decided at the last minute to stay home. Next weekend is the big Paint show in South Carolina and I hadn't even de-winterized my horse trailer yet.

When I was talking to the BO earlier today, she told me that Lilly was quite frisky when they turned her out this morning. While chatting with her horsey friends over the fence, she decided to strike out at them with her front leg and took down the top board of the fence.


Here's a picture of Lilly next to the fence:

This fence is pretty tall!
 How in the world did she get her leg up high enough to take down the top board?? The BO said she's quite impressed with Lilly so far. She thinks she's amazingly athletic. She's something alright...

I snapped a couple more pictures while I was there.

The round pen complete with tick eating guineas.

The wonderful new arena!
I hitched up the horse trailer while I was there and brought it back to my house for a thorough cleaning and de-winterizing. The neighbors thought I was a little strange, but whatever.

Like new except for a few customizations, courtesy of Lilly.

You don't see one of these in the neighborhood very often!
I was hoping I'd have time to ride today but the horse trailer literally took me half a day. Add in all the other errands and there just wasn't time. Tomorrow will probably be a round pen day because Lilly seemed a little oblivious to me today when I was trying to take her fly sheet off. I need to get her mind in the right place, so we'll start there and see how it goes.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our New Barn!

The move this morning was uneventful and we left on a good note. I thought I could sneak out without too much commotion, but there were more people at the barn this morning than I've seen since I moved in. It's always a little awkward when that happens.

My new barn is literally 3 minutes down the road from the previous place, so it didn't take long to load up and head over. Lilly is all settled in and all is well. I'll have to get more pictures tomorrow because shortly after we got settled in a thunderstorm blew through.

Here's a preview of the new place!

A view of the inside of the barn.  To the left is the tack room and to the right is the wash stall.  There are 6 stalls total and the barn is nice and airy!

Here's miss Lilly in her stall. They're matted, have fans, and are quite nice.

All of the stalls have doors on the outside of the barn. The BO said they did it that way for emergencies, but it also makes the stall feel really open and will be a huge help on hot days.

When we turned her out, Lilly started with her best dressage impersonation...

Then moved on to her best reining pony impersonation.

Here's a shot of her very own pasture and run-in shed.
She was whinnying quite a bit, but none of the horses there seemed to care much about her, so I'm hoping she'll settle in quickly. Eventually she'll be turned out with Jack, an 11 year old TB gelding. He's really laid back and super sweet, so they should make a good pair.

We're in a happy place tonight! :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Excited About Moving!

After carefully weighing the pros and cons of the situation and everyone involved, I've decided to move Lilly once again. I really hope this will be the last time, and I'm feeling confident that Lilly and I will love it there.

I know, I also thought that about the barn from hell. You know, the barn where my horse's tail was chewed off by goats, where my horse abscessed after my instructions were ignored, where my horse reinjured her ligament and then ended up with cellulitis and dermatitis. That barn!

I've spent many hours speaking to the owner of the new barn and I've been very impressed so far. We've been very up front and honest with each other to make sure she's a good fit for me and I'm a good fit for her. She's an actual horsewoman instead of a barn owner trying to make money and has a lot of experience with just about everything. She limits the facility to 6 horses at a time so she can cater to the needs of each horse and has offered numerous suggestions about issues I'm having with Lilly. I feel that she'll be a great person to have looking after my girl because she'll truly have Lilly's best interests in mind.

All arrangements have been made and I'll be taking Lilly over Friday morning. The BO has her stall ready to go and I'm very excited to get her moved and settled in. We'll have a large arena with lights to ride in (about 3 times the size of my current ring), a 60 foot round pen to play in, and Lilly will have an open, airy stall with a fan for the summer. All the pastures have incredible run-in sheds (more like barns without doors) and all the fencing is white vinyl. It's a lovely place. I'll make sure to take some pictures of the facilities on Friday to post.

M will not be coming with us, so that is the only down side to this new adventure. I am looking forward to Lilly being split from Baby, though, and not being pastured with anymore mares. The new barn has nothing but geldings, so we'll find one Lilly gets along with and that'll be her new buddy. She doesn't get attached to geldings like she does mares, so I'm hoping that will eliminate a lot of the issues I've been having with her lately. There's a show on Saturday that M won't be going to and I'm planning to take Lilly there to ride her around and see how we fare on our own.

I have a lot of reasons for moving, but I won't bother to get into specifics here. They'll be moot in a few days and I'd rather look ahead to Friday.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vacations Are Great...

but it's always good to be home! We had a fabulous time at the beach and I'm recharged, excited, and ready to go! I took a ton of pictures, but I narrowed them down to a few I thought you could appreciate. :)

The water was like ice, but I couldn't leave without dipping my toes in! (SmartPak sandles anyone?)

This guy was huge and he kept giving me the eye... the locals said he'll catch seagulls and take them under water!

Can you hear the waves crashing into the shore?

The Laughing Gulls were everywhere!
 My favorite part of the vacation was our visit to Shackleford Banks. Shackleford Banks is a 2,500 acre barrier island located across Beaufort Inlet from Atlantic Beach. It's about 9 miles long, is part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, and is famous for the wild Shackleford Horses that roam the uninhabited island.

The exact origin of the Shackleford Horses is a mystery, but it seems the most accepted version of the story is that Spanish Mustangs swam ashore from wrecked ships nearly 400 years ago. The English colonists also had Spanish Horses that could have been left behind when their attempts to colonize the area failed. They rode mostly stallions, but it is said that Christopher Columbus also brought mares to breed with the stallions so the soldiers would have mounts.

Either way, the horses are the direct descendants of a 400 year old line of Spanish Horses that are linked by the specific genetic marker, Q-ac. This marker is easily lost through genetic drift, and has only been documented in Puerto Rican Paso Finos, the isolated mustang population of Montana's Pryor Mountains, and the horses of Shackleford Banks.

These "banker ponies" (as some call them) are more like feral ponies than wild horses, but they're unique and rich with history. They're also federally protected and rounded up frequently to be checked for EIA. Some of the mares are also given birth control (Porcine Zonae Pellucidae), and occasionally there are foals available for adoption.

Another interesting fact about these ponies is the stallions are territorial. Stallions establish territories and defend them from other stallions, which is a behavior not known to occur in equine populations anywhere else in the world.

I believe the ferry guide said there are 114 horses on the island. As luck would have it, I only managed to find two of them. The first pony is a mare, and the second is a stallion. Well, I assume he's a stallion because I haven't read anything about the male horses being gelded.

She was busy eating and all he wanted to do was snooze in the sun.

I was hoping to see more ponies, but I didn't figure I could cover 2,500 acres in a few hours. I'm just glad I was able to see the two of them. :)