Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Noisy Children Eat Horses, You Know!

Even though my requests for a nice, dragged arena have gone unanswered, I rode my pony today anyway. I decided to do another easy, bareback ride since we're expecting the following weather the next few days:

I'd like to say that Lilly was a really good girl, but I'd be lying. She was a booger. Things started out okay, but about 15 minutes in to our ride, the scary end of the arena got REALLY scary. It's lined with tall trees, so you can hear the neighbors, but you can't see them. Apparently they have a lot of children, or they had some of the other neighborhood children over... either way, there were screaming children (doing whatever it is children do) on the other side of those trees and Lilly was terrified. She was sure they would put her on the barbeque and there would be nothing I could do to stop it.

She didn't do anything bad per se, but she was a nervous wreck and was constantly looking over at the trees, and never stopped chewing on her bit. When they got really loud, she would boogie sideways into the middle of the arena. Because my bareback skills are a little rusty, it wasn't easy to keep her on the rail and focused, but we managed to get in a pretty good ride, I guess. I considered just working her down at the opposite end of the arena, but that's the really hard half, so we just made due.

Even here she's checking out the trees...

Here she was just embarrassed by her behavior.
Even though I have to work on Saturday, Lilly and I were planning on going to a show. I could show for a good couple hours before I'd have to leave, and we have to make it to a certain number of shows to be elligable for year end awards. Needless to say, I had decided yesterday we weren't going because of the heat. Then, earlier today the show manager announced that they rescheduled the show.

So it looks like Lilly will spend the next five days in her stall. She'll be going out at night, but during the day she'll be inside with the fan blowing on her.


  1. Glad she survived - small, screaming children scare me too! We're having one super hot day tomorrow - fans rule!

  2. Ugh, the heat!
    You know the old saying - horses are only afraid of two things. Things that move, and things that don't.

  3. Yep, definitely scary!!
    Wow, that's gonna be hot! Stay cool this week! We finally had a nice day today and I am praying for it to continue!!

  4. Poor girl. Soooo hot, it doesn't look like ANY fun! At least she's got enough blankets/sheets/masks to make it through bug-free!

  5. Awww...Lily! She looks beautiful; despite her naughty behavior. I guess to look at the glass half full, major props to you for staying on whilst bareback! I would have slipped right off for sure.

  6. I'm baby-sitting my adorable nieces right now and I can sympathize with Lilly! Noisy children might eat aunties, too!

  7. The corn next to our arena is HIGH now and Oberon was looking cross eyed at it a bit yesterday. I was also out on the woodsy trail alone and he just did NOT want to go past a little divot area in the woods. He doesn't usually act this way. I decided to go with my gut and trust him - I kept thinking it might be the female coyote's den...

    HOT, yes! I will never complain at 80 again. :)