Thursday, November 1, 2012

Almost Back to Normal

We're back and alive and doing well, but OH SO BUSY! We got back on the 20th, packed like crazy people so we could close on our new house the 25th, spent the weekend moving in, spent this week getting our old house ready for renters, and now we have to move out of the new house we just moved in to so they can fix the brand new hardwood floors they half a$$ed. The floor people are paying for a hotel for me, my husband, and our kitty for at least 5 days, and the cat is going to freak.

So, needless to say, I haven't even seen any of the honeymoon pictures I took, nor have I had time to put any of the wedding pictures on my computer because it's still packed in a box somewhere between our old house, the storage unit, and the new house. Is it in the garage? The office maybe? One of the closets?

Since we're in a hotel all next week, I will try to find the CD before we leave the house and post some pictures. In short, it was a wonderful wedding, with wonderful people, and pretty nice weather. The honeymoon was fantastic and Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous!

I've only seen Lilly twice since I've been back but she's still in one piece...although she has become quite rotund since I left her in early October. She says hello and she hopes I'll be posting pictures of her soon!


  1. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to pics!

  2. Welcome back and excited to see pictures!!