Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mecates... Again!

The weather today was gorgeous! The sun was out, it was 70 degrees, and there was a slight breeze. It was a perfect spring day... except it's still winter. Unfortunately the arena continues to be soggy, and with more rain coming tomorrow, it won't get better anytime soon.

I just love the wrinkled nose!
Miss Lilly was enjoying a flake of hay when I arrived, but when she came over to sniff for cookies, I haltered her and brought her into the barn. On our way in, I noticed something pretty outstanding... she didn't take a single short step on the rocks! To give you an idea, here's our path to and from the pasture:

With a bonus shot of Luna, the dog.
It's about as rocky as you can get, and they're the kind of rocks with sharp, pointy edges. When her shoes first came off, this was a nightmare. She was in a pasture slightly closer to the barn then, but I still had to take a shovel and make a path for her. She's been gradually getting better and better on the rocks, but today was a big day. I was so excited to see her walk over them like they were nothing.

Hello, rock crushers!
Okay, so just at the walk, but wow! Even that right front I've been having issues with didn't seem to mind the rocks. *Doing the happy dance!*

Her hooves actually needed to be trimmed, so before we went for our ride, I busted out my tools, and guess what else? I was able to use my nippers on her fronts, which means we have growth!! So the trimmings weren't super exciting, as evidence by the look on the dogs' faces, but there was hoof wall to trim. I have to believe that the new supplement she's on (BioFlax 20) is making a difference. Up until this point, we had been at a stand still, and now I'm seeing real changes. If JenJ wasn't so far away, I'd kiss her for suggesting I try it with Lilly. :)

After trimming her hooves, I put the mecate reins on my bridle correctly and took her out to the arena for a test ride. I rode her around bareback for a bit and we didn't do much other than jog around because of the slick footing. I really like the reins... they're just the right size and I like how they feel in my hands. We will definitely be getting a lot of use out of them.

Too cute for words...
I skipped the Renegade boots this time to see how she felt in the arena. I couldn't tell she wasn't wearing the boots until we went from the dirt to the concrete driveway. She was still slightly gimpy until the packed sand came out of her hooves, but she looked much less uncomfortable than usual. In a perfect world, I'd be able to take her to shows and not worry about having to boot her. Most of the arenas we show in are pretty nice, so perhaps we'll get there eventually. Especially if she continues to improve like she has been.

Back to eating her hay and enjoying the sunshine.


  1. That's great about Lilly's hooves!!! Sounds like you are heading in the right direction.
    I can only dream about temps in the 70's! I can't wait for that day. I have so many things to do outside.
    Love your mecate reins. I love mine and wish I had some for every bridle I own!!

  2. Yay!!!! You and Lily are giving me much hope for Sassy!
    Gosh she is so pretty.
    Jealous of the weather there. Can you send it my way?

  3. Yay for (more) comfortable toes!

  4. how fantastic to have those hooves getting tougher!!

  5. She is looking SO GOOD, Becca!! Shiny and a great weight. Not to mention those gorgeous hooves! Great job! Do you want to come trim my behemoth for me??? ;)
    (ps those ROCKS are AWFUL! Thats some amazing hard soles to get over those without gimpiness! [is that a word??])

  6. Yay! That's pretty amazing, especially with the wet weather. I'm impressed.

  7. Wow that is so cool. Even my horse who has been barefoot her whole life wouldnt have done it that well. How cool.
    She is such a gorgeous horse.

  8. Thanks so much everyone! I think she's gorgeous too, but I'm absolutely biased. :) I'm so happy with her hooves! We're lucky to have sandy soil here, so even when it rains, it isn't muck, and her pasture stays in really good shape. I know that helps tremendously with her hooves.