Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Clinic Was Cancelled

This has to be the wettest winter we've had down here in a long time. Granted, I've only been here for the last 6, but it still seems really, really wet! It's hard to get your pony in shape when you have to go for a week at a time without being able to exercise her.

We had a "winter weather event" (hehe) over the weekend and the clinic was cancelled. First it was post-poned to Sunday and I was bummed that I'd have to miss it thanks to my real job, but then they decided to cancel it all together. We had ice, snow, and rain, and the arena is SOGGY. The weather for next week looks beautiful, but it'll be a while before I'll be able to get into the arena.

So since there's nothing interesting to write about, I'll just ramble...

Goal #4 from my list of 2013 goals is already busted. The show circuits are putting out their schedules and I'm bummed to find that two of the three circuits won't hold enough shows during months I can show to qualify us for year end awards. So there's no point in even getting memberships. I'll still show at the ones I can make, but we'll only be able to qualify for day awards. Boo.

And since I don't want to break yet another goal by not posting a picture, here's one of me and Lilly. It's an oldie, but the look on my face makes me laugh. Jeeze, lighten up and have some fun!!

At least Lilly looks happy
In other news, my back is 99% better... thank goodness. Thank you all so much for the well wishes!


  1. Aww I'm so sorry about your year end awards that sucks!

  2. I'm glad your back is so much better.
    That photo is hysterical!
    Thanks for the weather report - I'm headed to NC in the morning (Asheville).

  3. Bummer that it got cancelled, will they reschedule do you think?

  4. Yeah for back better!! We got some of that winter advisory crud too, but didn't pan out thankfully!

  5. Sorry to hear the clinic etc was cancelled. I hope the weather clears up for you so you can get lots of 'pony' time in.
    Glad to hear your back is better.