Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Supplements That Work!

The rain is supposed to come tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure I got in a good ride today with Lilly. We had the arena to ourselves, which is always nice. Lilly and I were able to work on lots of transitions, figure eights, and even some flying lead changes. Since her lope transitions really need work, we did a lot of those from a walk and also during our figure eights. She's really getting the hang of the figure eights, which is somewhat bad, because now she knows I ask for a change in the middle of the eight. Since she's Lilly, she tries to do it on her own without waiting for me to ask. I had to do a lot of circling, and hold off on asking her for the lead change until she was concentrating on the circle. She did really well, and the simple changes are getting better and better... flying changes will be just around the corner, I'm sure!

Love her!
We rode in the mecates again and we went bootless. She seemed extra lazy today as well, but I don't mind one bit. It's really easy to get some extra go from her, and compared to constantly asking her to slow down, I'll take lazy any day!

In other news, I finally have a SmartPak I'm happy with. I swear I changed that sucker at least every two months, but we've got it narrowed down and I think we'll be able to keep this one for a while. It contains U-Gard pellets to help keep her tummy happy, BioFlax 20 for hoof health and to hopefully help her grow some sole, and MSM to help ease any stiffness or soreness she might have from all this work. The MSM is the newest addition, but I feel like it's something she'll really benefit from. The U-Gard pellets seem to be working really well because we've had a pretty clean winter. Normally by this time of year, Lilly's hind end and legs are a mess. This is the first winter I've had her on the U-Gard pellets, and this is the first winter in MANY years that she's had a clean hind end. I can't remember the last time I had to wash her behind! I'm SO confident, in fact, that I'm not even afraid to say so out loud! I've written already about how much her hooves have improved since starting the BioFlax 20, so I definitely want to keep her on that as well. It's nice to know these supplements I spend $60 every month on are actually working and doing something for Lilly. I'm so happy!


  1. Yay! That's excellent news. Lily must feel so much better without the loose poos.

  2. Dee loves SmartPak! Sounds like Lily is loving SmartPak, too!

  3. My horses are on U-Gard pellets too - I have no reason to think any of them have ulcers, but it's a good precaution in horses that are stalled for any part of the day and don't have access to forage at every minute. Red gets chaste tree berry (for his studiness), Dawn gets MareBerry (pure raspberry leaves for her marishness), they all get Omega Horseshine (stabalized flax seed, for coats and hooves) and I also use a custom chromium/magnesium/selenium/vitamin E supplement that improves glucose metabolism. And plenty of hay, and a little Ultium for Red and Pie for some vitamins and to carry the supplements, and more Ultium for Dawn to try to keep some weight on her over the winter.

  4. SO glad to hear that you've found something that works for the loose manure. I totally share your pain with that one. And I really hope the BioFlax20 works to help Lilly's hooves!