Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blast From The Past

Lilly is finally starting to shed! I think she was holding on to the hair for dear life while we were having crazy weather, and now that we're having days and days of decent weather, she's trying to shed it all at once. I couldn't believe how much hair was on the wash stall floor when I was done with her. I even saw a tiny bit of dark spring coat coming through. I can't wait!

I was looking forward to a nice ride, and I started out trying to take a picture of us together, but my camera is so heavy! It's really hard to hold it at arm's length and snap a photo where I don't look like a goober. Here's the best one!

Say cheese!
Monday's ride did not go well... it was like a blast from the past. For some reason, I was riding the Lilly from a couple years ago! About 12 strides into our ride, I knew I was going to have an issue. During our warm up, which is nothing but a nice, brisk walk around the arena with circles and bending, she was super forward, chomping on the bit, and decided to start trotting every chance she got.

Uhhh... Lilly? What's going on?

Taken before the mayhem.
She just seemed irritated. She had an attitude and there was a lot of tail wringing and she fought me every step of the way. I couldn't get a nice jog, I couldn't get a nice lope, and everything was exaggerated. Initially, I decided to take advantage of all her extra energy and work on flying lead changes, but she refused to switch leads when I asked and instead performed a nice halt. So after fighting with her for a good 20 minutes, I decided to just let her run. I asked for the lope and we zoomed around the arena no less than 3,263 times until she finally decided she was too tired to continue. I made her jog and lope nice and easy at that point so we could at least end on a good note... sort of.

Bad, sweaty pony.
This is so not normal for her. She isn't one to have an attitude for no apparent reason. I'm not sure what was going on... perhaps it's the start of her first heat cycle and she felt poorly? I don't know, but I'm hoping our next ride will be much better than this one!


  1. That was my first thought, that she is possibly in heat? That sounds pretty spot on, with the tail swishing and the just feeling of irritation!

  2. Maybe she's heading into heat or just having an off day! Hope your next ride is better.

  3. Bet it was heat, every mare I know is in raging heat right now with spring on! Hope your princess feels better soon!

  4. I'm guessing cycle time. Think about it, would you want to be ridden when you are cycling?
    Um...er...wait, that didn't come out quite right!
    But you get what I am saying.