Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good News, Bad News

The good news is, my fly sheet came and I think it's a success! And well, it has to be because I dropped it in the muddy water in the wash rack. Probably couldn't return it even if I wanted to. Luckily, I think I'm going to like this sheet a lot.

The cutest horse model EVER!
Really putting it to the test.
Here's what I like about the sheet:
Fabric: It feels tough, yet not too heavy. It's nice having a sheet that feels durable and soft, all at the same time! It is reinforced around the shoulder area, and scrim most other places, so I feel like it should hold up well.
Color: It's blue and white, with reflectors on the tail cover and rear corners. Most people complained about it being white, but I actually love that it's white. My girl keeps her sheets pretty clean and white is the best color for my hot climate.
Fit: If I had to do it all over again, I might order one size up. Perhaps I'm just not used to a blanket that fits, but it feels a teeny bit snug in the shoulders. I'll have to see how she does with it. Otherwise, I love that it doesn't hang down to her knees, yet provides nice coverage.
Neck Cover: It's super cool because it has a spandex-y type material where the neck cover attaches to the sheet. So when she puts her head down, the cover stretches down with her. I won't ever use the little halter hooking strap on the top, but I can see where that would come in handy. The Velcro is super tough, but it won't snag the material if I accidentally Velcro the wrong spot.
Other Perks: The belly band is the bomb. It fits right over top of her hair whorls, so the bugs can SUCK IT this year. Or as the case may be, NOT suck it this year! :) The leg straps are nice, the tail cover is a respectable length, and I love almost everything about it.
Cons: I hate the buckles in the front. Why do they make the straps like a foot long? Is that so you can fit 4 different horses with one size? I prefer the kind of buckle that's on the belly band part of her sheet. But I suppose that's not a terrible con.
Overall: I give this sheet two thumbs up, and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a nice fly sheet. I paid $80 for mine, but I'm sure they'll go down in price soon... just 'cuz.

She loves it!
Now for the bad news... well, there's some not so good news, and there's some bad news. I'll start with the not so good news first.

My vet came out this morning to give Lilly her 6-way vaccine (Tetanus, East/West, West Nile, Flu/Rhino). Since rabies is what she had a reaction to before, we're going to wait and give her that next week, along with her strangles vaccine. The morning of her shot, we'll give her a bit of Banamine just in case she has a reaction again. The not so good news is that she looked at Lilly's teeth and wasn't happy with what she saw. She said it doesn't look like the dentist guy was able to reach the back teeth very well because they're pretty sharp. I suppose they could have sharpened a bit in the last two months, but probably not. After discussing my options, we decided to wait until fall unless she shows any signs of being uncomfortable. She said they're not bad, but they could stand to be done. We also tried using a speculum and Lilly was NOT happy, so I doubt I'll be able to have her done without a sedative next time around. The vet said she'd try for me, but after her reaction today, I don't see it happening. :(

Now for the bad news. A confidential informant notified me today about my barn owner's intention to sell his farm. He hasn't told any of the boarders yet, but the plan is in motion. It could be two months, it could be two years, depending on how long it takes to sell, but it looks like I'm in the market for a new barn... again.

I emailed a few people, but I haven't heard anything back yet. I don't have much luck with barns, so I'm not looking forward to this process.


  1. That sucks about the barn shopping :(

    1. Definitely... I don't have very good luck with barns. I swear I've boarded at every one of them within a 30 mile radius and left them all for one reason or another.

  2. I've had my eye on that fly sheet. It looks awesome.

    I hate moving barns. I'm really hoping the next move is the move home even though I'm pretty happy with my current boarding situation.

    1. I think you'd like the sheet, Story. Supposedly it has the euro cut, but I can't really tell a difference compared to my other blankets.

      I'm finally 90% happy with my current place... so it figures they'd decide to sell. :(

  3. That's a nice looking sheet! Sorry about the upcoming sale. I can't believe this is happening to you again! Ugh!

    1. I know, right?? The good thing is, I have some time. It's not like I need to get out because her health is at risk. So I'm hoping perhaps I can find another spot that's even more perfect. I'm going to look for something with trails this time!

  4. I hate barn shopping:( Good luck! I'm sure it will all work out!

    I like that fly sheet...I might have to consider that...

    1. I hate barn shopping too! :( I'm hoping the perfect place will pop up.

      It's a really nice sheet. I can't see enough good things about it!

  5. I love the look of the fly sheet. I am curious to see how it holds up in the pasture! Thanks for the awesome review!
    That's too bad about the barn situation. Maybe you can find a place with an indoor arena! And trails would be a plus.
    Sorry about Lilly's teeth. Hopefully she will be fine until fall!

  6. Barn shopping = super stressful. Love that fly sheet!

  7. The new fly sheet looks and sounds awesome! I'll look at those after Echo shreds my current one (an Amigo).

    Bummer about Lilly's teeth. I always have mine sedated and have never had any problems, plus my dentist can get the job done and not have to rush. Every horse is different though - I wish we didn't have to sedate, but for my boys it seems to work the best.

    Bummer about the barn situation. Finding a new place is sooo stressful. Maybe you can keep her in your backyard? ;)

  8. Lily looks super in that sheet.
    Sorry to hear you have to change barns. Hope it goes smoothly and that you manage to find a great one :-)