Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Officially Spring!

You know spring has officially arrived when it's time to break out the fly mask. Lilly always has goopy eyes in the spring when all the pollen shows up, and then goopy eyes again during the summer when something else shows up, and the gnats just love it! Her eyes were goopy today so it was time to bust out the fly mask. I think she looks rather adorable with it on. :)

Super cute, with her name on the mask and everything!
I also find it amusing when I look out in the pasture and see giant white spots where my pony has decided to roll. They're hard to miss!

Hmm, wonder where she likes to roll?
So, speaking of spring... the bugs are on their way and I have no fly sheet. Not good. I think I found one worth purchasing, though, and it's early enough that they haven't run out of Lilly's size. I did a post on it last fall, but didn't end up buying one. I demand a lot from my fly sheets, because my princess NEEDS certain features. Here are the items Lilly's fly sheet must have:

Belly band - Lilly has some hair whorls on her tummy and the gnats love to chew on her skin
Shoulder gusssets - She's a bit wide in the shoulders and the gusseted sheets seem to fit her better
Tail flap - Keeps those darn bugs out of her tail and helps keep her from rubbing
UV Protection - The sheet is just as much for sun block as it is for flies
Built in neck cover - No more shoulder sunburns and I don't want to mess with one that could possibly come off (for numerous reasons)
Soft material - None of that Textylene mesh stuff... it's too dang heavy

It's not easy finding a sheet with everything I'm looking for. In fact, I've only found one sheet that fits all the criteria, and that's the Interlock Mesh Combo Sheet from SSTack. The UV protection is only 80%, which is kind of low, but I like it otherwise. It's the euro design, but I've chatted with a few people who love the fit on stocky horses because the coverage it better, so I'm going to take a chance on it.

Interlock Mesh Bellyband Combo Fly Sheet
Has anyone purchased a fly sheet from Schneider's since I posted about this one last September? I have a few of their blankets, but I don't know anyone with a fly sheet. They make great stuff, so I'm hoping their fly sheets are just as awesome.


  1. I haven't purchased a fly sheet from them, but I really like Schneiders in general.

  2. I have not purchased a fly sheet...although come to think of it I did just order a sheet (dura-tech nylon 420D breathable) for keeping him clean before a should have been here by now.

    Ok but here is what I have to say about their products in general.
    Love the belly bands! Love the customer service, and their products seem to hold up really well. I'd say you can't go wrong with SS, because if it doesn't hold up, they are going to stand behind their product.

    ps. The only flies we have here are the dead ones still laying around from last summer!

  3. I found this review:

    Those white roll-spots are adorable!

  4. I haven't ordered a fly sheet from Schneider's, but I really like everything else I have gotten there. Will be looking forward to how you like the fly sheet when you get it, although I don't really use fly sheets anymore (very little flies due to using fly predators.) But I do use them from time to time to keep my light colored horses clean!!

  5. Those white patches are hilarious! Hope you can find a good flysheet! I know you struggle with this every year! (they love to munch on Daisy's belly too, ugh, and her bald forehead lol)